Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Why Do You Blog?

When someone asks you how you use your computer, how do you answer? I excitedly answer, "I blog!"
To set the record straight I only spend about 20 minutes every night or every other night typing out a few thoughts. But still, why? At the end of the day it could be argued that a blog is a signal of a bloated sense of self.
Here is what I've decided is my reason.
Blogging is really just a diary in which everyone you know has the key. And while that audience isn't large and isn't captive... There is an audience and a little bit of pressure to report on relevant, meaningful events, experiences, and perspectives.
The pressure has forced me to be present in my own life. Either I'm motivated to get out and explore the world around me, or I'm motivated to notice the details of my own.
In searching for a daily lead I've found the activities and interest that my children genuinely enjoy and I've kept a consistent recored of it. And as I approach the 1 year anniversary of kicking off this blog I'm down right amazed that I've stuck with something this long. (I'm not very good at sticking with things.)
Years ago I considered myself a journalist and worked in television news. I thought I had a story to tell, and to a degree I did. But the stories belonged and happened to others. Never to me.
Now, I have a story to tell and it is mine. It may not be interesting, Earth-shattering, or relevant to anyone else... But itis mine. Thanks for reading. Thanks for leaving comments. Thanks for sharing your stories with me.

Friday, February 1, 2008

Gentle Reminders

This evening Steve dared go off into the dark, dark night and leave me all alone with two little boys while he plays poker. And on his way out the door he said something or other about the new computer being ready for me.

Oh sweet husband/system administrator (please note seemingly angry lady is actually happy lady that is well enough to have her husband run off into the dark, dark night)! This is his gentle reminder that I am woefully behind on the blog and I "needs to git wit it" to please the parents, in-laws, and friends who are going crazy mad for updates on my health. [Please note my Mittbonics.]

So after much fun playing with new computer -- come on, I didn't even want to quit to write a post -- I'm here to report that all is well. I'm still a little winded, hoarse, and slightly itchy. But it appears that I am holding up and am not allergic to yet another family of antibiotics. Phew! I was feeling like a big red target and fine print reading, "Vulnerable to Anthrax" was taped to my chest.

I bet you all think I just moped in bed all day for the past week. I'll Thank You Very Much that is actually, exactly what I did. But while there, because I just can't sit still to save my life, I did some stuff:

a) Watched WAY too much Jon Stewart Show
b) Embroidered all 12 months of the flower-of-the-month embroidery patterns. Actually I finished 13 because I did NOT know Asters were NOT yellow. Excuuuuse me! Had to look those up on the Internet and unpick my work and re-embroider September.
c) Made a quilty, button-down scarfy thing
d) decided that I need a spa day

And there you have it, pneumonia did NOT kill me (so stop your wishing).