Saturday, May 31, 2008

DWD: Water Fountains at Westlands

My kids had a DWD -- Day With Dad -- while I crafted the morning away. DWD Adventures are always wet and wild, and today they were particularly so. The boys met up with a few friends (also having a DWD) at one of our favorite parks. What happened at the park generally stays at the park, so I can't even tell you what they did. But it looks like they had a good time.

Friday, May 30, 2008

Contained, Again

Different day. Different kid. Same trick.

Imagine my hard-headed surprise to find Cooper in the LEGO box?!?!?

Also, I find it necessary to note that we are on Summer Schedule. That is to say, nothing is on schedule. I feel like our hasty pace of leisurely living is leaving no time for the business of life. Let's take yesterday for example:

1. My grandparents showed up unexpectedly from Texas en route to Idaho. Yes, that's right... just showed up on the doorstep. I was overjoyed to see them and frantically started pouring lemonade, shoving toys and clean (but unfolded) laundry under the sofa, and checking the toilet seat for toilet-training dribbles. In all the mess and crazy joy of having them over I forgot to take a picture!

2. Tried a new recipe. In all my research and planning for the recipe I plumb forgot to take the chicken out of the freezer. So, 15 minutes before I was to begin assembly I realized I was working with a 2 pound block of ice.

3. Following dinner we opted for a quick walk around the block. This was actually an opportunity to let Coop practice riding his bike. (Also, he's obsessed with "going around the block" since the race car trip.) At the 1/3 way mark we ran into neighbors/friends. Of course I just had to stop and chat. Then at the 1/2 way mark we ran into more neighbors/friends who were going around the block with their 4yol daughter in one of those battery-operated Jeeps. They decided to take a new route to follow us and at the 3/4 way mark we ran into more neighbors whose 5yol daughter decided she needed to be driving her battery-operated Jeep, too. So, now we're having a full on block party in the street with two neighbor girls in their respective Jeeps and Coop on his bike. As I watched Cooper coyly chase -- and then get chased -- by these girls I kept thinking, "Oh my gosh, he is a heartbreaker." This went on well past bedtime.

And so you see, I just can't get with the program.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Contain Yourself

Let this be a lesson to me, actually I think this might have already been a lesson that I boldly ignored muttering things like, "It's an anomaly."
I think we spent about $25 on this box of LEGO blocks. Well, Mason likes the box. He just sits in it. Then sits it in some more. Happy to just keep on sitting.
If you think Mason just likes boxes, think again. We have an old fax machine (I know, what is that anyway??!?!) and it has a long wire thingy meant to catch the papers as they print. He likes to straddle that and sit on that. I don't know what that means exactly. Perhaps this is just the beginning of a behavior known in most corporate offices as, "that weird guy that keeps photocopying his butt."
One place he will not sit is the toilet. I've begun asking him if he'd like to go -- forgive the baby talk -- potty. He always says that he would. But when we sit him on the toilet he wants off faster than his little cheeks touch porcelain. He will, however, belly up to the bowl and pretend he's peeing standing up. He'll do that for hours, fully clothed of course.
In other container news, the boys smashed two or three terra cotta pots on the patio today. I'm not sure how many pots actually met their demise at the hands of my fine, well-behaved boys but there was A-LOT of shards. So, I'm leaning toward three. Think I'll replace them with plastic, if I replace them at all. I'm getting so anxious for next year (and having a raised garden bed) I could really care less about the containers.

Tour Guides

I am missing my parents after a trip from them to our home. Sheeeeesh! How's THAT for getting old?

Now that they are home and the family and I are reflecting on the visit I can positively say that having them here playing with my kids (and thus skipping out on all the usual touristy stuff) was a great idea. And also it appears I've done some growing up since the last time someone came to visit us. How can I tell? Well, I let the babies do exactly what they wanted to do instead of getting all self-conscious and suggesting we do something more widely acceptable (and sure to bring on a temper tantrum from at least one of my two kids) like driving up a 14-er or looking at quilt museums.

I know! I'm wicked and perhaps guilty of not being a bend-over-backward-for-my-guests hostess. But, I feel that when grandparents are involved, it's the safest bet. I'm also not feeling one ounce of guilt about the money I spent shopping because I was shopping for my mother (man did she find some good stuff) and though I did splurge on myself, it was tempered compared to what I'm actually capable of.

The best part about having your parents/grandparents come to visit, not once did either my mother or father look at me and go, "Really? You want to go to a park and follow around two smelly boys?" and that is perfect.

Acceptance for your boring, I-just-want-to-be-with-my-kids behavior. That is essential to all good families and family visits (please note I did not accidentally call it a vacation).

PS -- My kids are missing them, too.

PSS -- Cooper-ism: While eating snacks today he ran around the ottoman then ran back to the snack bowl and said, "I was just going around the block like Grandpa's race car."

Sunday, May 25, 2008


Besides the car we've been celebrating my mother's birthday. On the menu:

Italian salad
Yummy, crusty bread
cupcakes and ice cream

First Born

I'm the first born. This is a position in birth order that around here means absolutely nothing. It certainly doesn't mean better, or favorite, or smarter, or taller, or nicer, or even more faithful. It just means first. But today first was fantastic. Because I luckily -- and quite by chance -- live in the same city in which my father decided to buy his dream car; I was the first of his children to drive it!

This honor is second only to the honor of being the first sibling to see the excitement in my father's face. His childish giddiness while going 80 mph before shifting out of second. Witnessing the thisisbetterthanchristmasmorning jitters and sleeplessness and giggling as he punched the gas so fast that my liver stayed back a few exits. The enthusiasm in which he showed off all the buttons and gadget to two of his grandsons.

My father's goal to purchase this car is more than his own pride and pleasure, it's a part of my childhood memories. For as long as I can remember -- and I am not exaggerating -- he has pointed out, talked about, discussed the benefits of, professed an admiration for, and just plain salivated over this car. All the while taking me and all my siblings along for the "ride". In seeing his excitement, his thrill, his satisfaction in purchasing this one item I'm aware that I need a Corvette. I don't mean to say that I actually need a Corvette. I need a "someday".

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

To The Rescue

I was all prepared to tell you about my neighbors' lilac and then the superheroes showed up. So, I apologize, but you gotta settle for masculinity in miniature.

We love, love, love these little boys -- they have been great friends to Cooper and Mason. Today when they came over to play we had a bit of a delay. Cooper was trying to go ... well, you know. And he took for-ev-er. So, half of the playdate the twins just played in our basement. So patient.

I have a sneaking suspicion I may have planted a little costume seed in the heart of these boys. Hope their mommy forgives me.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Cooper has a new infatuation.... Lunchables. I know what you're thinking, that's just crackers, cheese, and lunch meat. But he gobbled it up today, then talked about them all day long. Actually what started it was a table of tittering school girls in the museum cafeteria. They all had lunchables of some variety (some of which looked so repulsive to me I could hardly stand to watch them eat them). Coop noticed them and asked about them many times throughout the lunch and then throughout the day. When I was faced with pulling together a quick lunch before heading to the park today, I decided to just stop at Super Target and grab some.

In other news (not that any of this is news) We're so excited for our holiday visitors we can't stand it. I've got the boys making all kinds of preparations. I haven't seen them this excited since Christmas. Just a reminder, I am migrating all my old posts from the old blog. It's a slow process, but I've got March 2007 through most of June 2007 finished. So, I invite you to look back and remember some of the funny times.

PHOTO NOTE: The boys with on of their girlfriends. Day at the mall, look at Cooper hamming it up!!!

Monday, May 19, 2008

To the Museum and Beyond

My boys love the Museum of Nature and Science. Around here it is the salve that can heal any mental malady, including the my-daddy-left-for-work-before-i-woke-up wound. Today Cooper actually took with him a picture of a spaceship that he had colored and gave it to one of the museum workers. (No prompting from me as I actually wanted to keep the picture because I could tell what it was without asking.)
Our first stop was lunch in the museum courtyard, which I believe my children like more than McDonald's. This is a miracle. Usually Cooper will beg and beg to "go to a restaurant". In Cooper speak this means he's not actually hungry, but bored and hoping to score a good toy. When we go places like this... chick-fil-a, mcd's, burger king, etc. ... he's always too distracted to eat and doesn't. I end up packing up the whole lunch/dinner and carting it home. Then about an hour after we get home both act really hungry and then have to eat cold, pureed-then-punched-into-a-new-shape chicken.
But if we go to the museum I usually take a lunch. It has much of the usual that you see at any lunch table, sandwiches, juiceboxes, yogurt, applesauce, jello, maybe a fresh fruit, and some snack/treat. No toys. No fancy wrappers. But, they eat it. I guess the halls of history and innovation make little brains hungry.
We spent four hours at the museum today. And we absolutely could not leave without space helmets. I should say, I just couldn't leave these helmets behind. Both of them walked around so proudly in them. I just had to have them.
PS -- Today was exactly the kind of day in which I was genuinely glad and felt edified in my recent decision to keep Coop at home (and not at preschool) until he's 4.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Un-Picnic in the Park

Our social calendar runneth over this weekend. I don't know why all the stars aligned but we had the kids go-go-going from early morning until late at night. The biggest event was our neighborhood picnic -- which is Bring Your Own Everything. I couldn't help but laugh when we got to the park, however, and I started to see what the other families had packed for picnics. There were full dinners, drinks, and desserts. Our picnic basket -- on the other hand -- had snacks. But our kids were so distracted they wouldn't have eaten even if we had packed a picnic.

Following the picnic we found ourselves at our neighbors' house. This was so fun for the kids. I could have taken a hundred pictures. When I took the picture of the two girls and Cooper cuddling in the blankets watching a movie I couldn't help but think I was getting a preview of teenage parties to come. Of the affair Coop said, "We're all being Claire [one of the girls]." I'm not even sure what he meant by that. Maybe he just felt as happy as she always is.

True Aggie

I had occasion to attend Utah State University's Alumni Family Picnic (the local chapter, anyway). Since its founding in 1888, Utah State University has evolved from a small, agricultural college to a nationally and internationally recognized intellectual and technological leader in land, water, space, and life enhancement. The main campus is located in Logan in northern Utah's pristine Cache Valley -- near gorgeous ski resorts, lakes, rivers and mountains. But as far as I can tell most students elect to start their educational careers at USU for the ice cream.

It's more than a cool treat. I remember that I once participated in taste-test panels for the Nutrition and Food Science Department just for a free scoop of Aggie Ice Cream. Seriously. I endured experimental versions of soy cheese -- on many occasions -- just for the reward of the best ice cream on Earth. Would you believe that USU actually overnight shipped ice cream to the picnic!?!?

My little Mason was with me and had his first taste of True Aggie Ice Cream. He ate an entire tub by himself. I think I feel the same way the University feels about their ice cream, "There’s no way to prove that Aggie ice cream has fostered innovation, bolstered scores on exams, or heightened awareness, but it certainly hasn’t hurt."

PS -- I also won some stuff in the raffle!

PSS -- The blonde sitting next to Mason is the daughter of one of my best friends from college.

Friday, May 16, 2008

It's That Time, Part II

As I promised yesterday, I'm brining you a list of Mason's favorite times of day:

When We Leave -- My bambino loves to leave the house. Before he's figured out where we're going (because it could be somewhere he does not like) he jumps at any chance to leave. He enjoys the whole process. When he gets wind of preparations to leave the house he'll walk over to the stairs and sit on the first step and start saying, "Shoes! Shoes!" This -- as you may have guessed means -- "Put on my shoes because I want to go, too." When his shoes are on he starts queueing at the door. If he thinks we're leaving out the front door he'll go stand (sometimes with a treasured guy in hand or a sippy cup) at the door. If he thinks we're leaving out the back he'll wander to that door. Then he waits till the rest of us are ready.

When the Timer Beeps -- Oven, kitchen timer, microwave... if there's a beep and Mason hears it he will come running. He usually thinks that a beep means he's about to eat. He even reaches for the beeping appliance and says, "Done, done."

The Big Hug -- After his nap Mason fancies being picked up by his daddy getting hugged. He lays down his head on Steve's shoulder, tucks his hands between his stomach and Steve's chest, then just lets out a big sigh of relief as he snuggles off his sleepiness. When dad isn't home he settles for mommy -- but certainly doesn't delight in it nearly as much.

Stories and Songs -- I do read to both my boys. About half the time I read to them together. But the other half of the time Steve takes one and I take the other. (Usually both of them convince me to spend a little time in each room.) When I'm with Mason he's fond of sitting on the big bed in his room (not in his crib) and listening to a story or two. Then he wants me to proceed with the singing part. I am an awful singer, but he requests me -- through hand gestures -- to sing his favorites: Itsty Bitsy Spider, Old MacDonald (with pinching crustaceans), Head-Shoulders-Knees, If you're happy and you know it, and Twinkle-Twinkle.

Well I think those are the favorites. But one UN favorite is pretty funny. You know that THX thing on the front of every movie? It's usually some fancy auditory range that is supposed to showcase the capabilities of THX... anyway, it makes Mason cry in terror. Every single variation. Cries.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

It's That Time

Our days are a rush of hurry-ups and waits. It seems like we're in a never-ending ebb and flow of bustling to get somewhere or just taking our time while the baby naps. But there are a few times during the day that I know are cherished by the boys.

Cooper's Favorite Times of Day:

The Moment His Coach Walks Him Past My Gym Class -- It is amazing to see the look on Cooper's face when he is marched (with the rest of his class) past my gym classes. He always peeks into the window, searches for me, and then radiates and waves frantically as soon as he sees me. Sometimes he even points to me and says, "That's my mom." I know he loves that moment because he often tells me about it later in the day. I just don't know why.

When Mason Naps -- During Mason's naptime Cooper once again rules the roost. As an oldest child myself I can relate to this feeling and I pretty much let him do whatever he chooses. He usually picks things that Mason isn't doing, yet, such as "workbooks" or computer games. His workbooks are literally workbooks that I bought at the teacher supply store. He has one in every subject imagineable. He loves working through them and getting a sticker for completed pages.

Story time -- Each night our boys are read to. When Steve's in town, we each take a boy and read to them. When he's out of town I read to them simultaneously. After stories they go to sleep, so what I should really call story time is negotiation 101. Cooper is a master.

Anytime Dad Comes Home -- I do mean any time that Steve comes home, whether from Costa Rica or a quick trip to Costco, Cooper runs to meet him at the door. Then he hugs him and growls [bear hug].

Stay Tuned. I'll tell you Mason's favorite times of day tomorrow.

PS -- Speaking of bedtime, at the risk of revealing too much, I wanted to share with you something funny that Cooper said last night. I was reading him a bedtime story. He hopped off the bed, ran to the wall, flattened himself against the wall (back to the wall), made a funny face and ran back to the bed. When he hopped back on the bed I instantly smelled what he had done against the wall. I said, "Coooooperrrrr! That stinks. Did you fart?!?!?" Incredulous he said, "It's my room. I can fart in here."

PHOTO NOTE: Another picture of Cooper helping with the bathroom remodel.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

My Mind, I'm Loosing It.... or Maybe...

For the past two days I've been convinced that I am loosing my mind. I go through spurts of this every once in a while. All I gotta do is set my cell phone down in a strange place -- like on the edge of the bathroom sink -- and I go berserk for days trying to find it. I do the whole retrace my steps. I ask people if they've seen me with it. I even call the number and tell the boys we're playing a fun game of find the phone.

This time I lost a plant stand and some hanging basket cages. Weird I know. A glimpse of plant stand is pictured here. Anyway, as you know I've been a planting like I'm Farmer Jane. My hands are all dirty, I've got my new water wand, plants all in a row, but wait... where's my pretty plant stand? It was here just a minute a go.

People it is gone!

Today I gave up looking -- which included walking up and down the two streets that we straddle, searching the yards, and digging through the garage -- and called the cops. I know what you're thinking. But I also know that the cops in my little town have nothing to do anyway. So, I figured, "What the heck!" They. came. to. the. house. I'm not kidding. Cooper was thrilled. To say I was unabashedly thrilled and proud to report this theft would be a lie. I was horrified.

But, it's out there. I am not loosing my mind. It was stolen (the plant stand, not my mind).

PS -- As if showing a sign of solidarity with my missing plant stand my new water wand broke. When I turned on the water the head shot off like a bullet.

PSS -- Rather than flowers I planted tomatoes and peppers in my containers in the back. When I finished Cooper said to me, "Good job mommy, they are so cute." Veggies are cute. But secretly I think he was mocking me because he knows my inner incertitude will make it impossible for those little veggies to grow to maturity.
PHOTO NOTE: The possible future location of some grow boxes, provided the tomatoes and peppers in the containers work. Don't worry, it doesn't actually look like this. This is a before picture -- before it was landscaped -- that I love because it reminds me what procrastination leads to.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The Accessory

I've always maintained it doesn't take much to entertain children. I've recently expanded my exposure to other people's children and learned that it doesn't take much to entertain My children. Of course I'll give credit to imagination and creativity here, as my boys both have far more than should be allowed. (But we're grateful for it all the same.)

Believe me it takes literally no prodding or coaching for them to come up with these games and toys. Hand Mason a cardboard tube and the next thing I know he's running around the house making shooting noises with his new go-go gadget arm. Where do they come up with it? Also, why shooting noises?

Mason's health update: No puke. While doctor is still expressing mild concern for his dampened mood we're looking for changes and breathing a big sigh of relief.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Do Over: Mother's Day

A review of Mother's Day and the Do Over Mother's Day

7:30 a.m.
Mason wakes up. Steve runs upstairs to get him. Puts him in bed next to me so that we'll both sleep in (afterall, it's Mother's Day) and makes for the kitchen to prepare French Toast and keep Coop quiet.

8:30 ish
I wake up to the sounds of Mason puking on me. Happy Mo-ther-sss Day! Try to scream for Steve to come and help me but I am too sick and have no voice. Manage to clean up some of it and run Mason out to the kitchen to tell Steve I need help. Together we strip the bed, dangle puking baby over sink, and change out of pajamas into clothes in 1.2 minutes.

Scrubbed and all feeling a little better we shuffle out to the kitchen for some of Steve's magnificent French Toast. Please note, he should actually call his French toast, Candy Toast. It is so delicious. Cooper eats as much as I do... and frankly, despite being sick, so does Mason.

10:30 ish
We commence the planning of the day. Would I like to uphold the annual tradition of buying the flowers for the porch? Make a fancy dinner with ingredients from my favorite market? There's a lot of hemming and hawing because my throat hurts too much to swallow and I'm not sure we should stray too far from home with pukey baby.

After eating a few leftovers from last night's dinner for lunch we decide to make the run to our favorite nursery for the annual buying of the plants. I personally love going to this nursery on Mother's Day weekend. It is a freaking zoo. They hire live performers and there's free food and drinks. Despite the circus there's still a great selecting of plants and it gets me really excited for the growing season. Boys frolick (see pictures).

2 ish
Finish at the nursery and stop at Sonic for slushes. Yum-yum. The sugar rush gets me giggling and we don't even notice Mason going down hill. Park at favorite market for some high-dollar groceries for celebratory dinner. Just as we unbuckle Mason's carseat he absolutely chunders. Fountain of orange slush. Gratefully we actually got him out of the car for the vomit part and he missed sprayed the upholstery and the DVD players. Load back in the car and high-tail it for home. Now we're starting to worry about Mason (he's been throwing up since Friday).

5 ish
After a bath for pukebaby we prepare a dinner of leftovers. We have a relaxing dinner on the patio while we watch the boys chase pill bugs -- which Coop kept calling skin bugs -- and Steve's captures 4 of the funniest minutes of video I have ever seen [of the boys].

8 ish
We get the kids ready for bed (decide to give Coop a bath, too). I elect to sleep upstairs in the baby's room so that I can listen for anything unusual.

11 p.m.
Mason start screaming hysterically. Doesn't stop and after about 10 minutes of this screaming throws up. Now we're really nervous about him and start doing the shouldwetakehimtotheemergencyroom decision analysis. Decide they won't be able to help him. Move him downstairs with us. He falls asleep, we don't.

5 a.m.
Cooper starts screaming. Just bad dreams, but Steve decides to go upstairs to his room and sleep out the rest of the morning in his room. Mason continues to kick me in the head until I finally decide to get out of bed. By 7 everyone is up, but moving really slow. My throat is as bad as ever. Steve's got a hugely busy work day ahead. Mason is downright lethargic.

On the dot I call the doctor and don't ask the receptionist for an appointment. I literally tell her we must be seen. She gives us her 10:10 spot. The frenetic activity getting the boys fed, dressed, and ready to go to the doctor. I leave with Mason, Cooper stays home with dad. [Let me just say that Cooper was outstanding today. He played quietly while Steve worked. And he helped me so much throughout the day. Amazing little guy.]

We show up 10 minutes early. We're seen early. Doctor is visibly as nervous as we are about Mason. He just lolls in my arms, his limbs draped all over me. Clearly something isn't right. Also he has lost 2 pounds since Wednesday (he was seen on Wednesday for something else, unrelated). She asks us to walk directly downstairs for x-rays (checking for obstruction).

11 ish
We're home from the hospital and waiting results. I make lunch for the boys to eat on the patio. Mason is actually looking pretty excited to eat. Doc calls with the good news that the x-ray looks good. But, she's going to call periodically to make sure he's continuing to improve. (We'll let you know how it goes.) Mason goes down for a nap. Cooper and I head for the porch. We're going to pot the hanging baskets. Our Do-Over has arrived. Cooper really loves planting. He's sweet and sensitive with the plants. He says cute things like, "Oh look at the buds on this one." He insists on operating the new-fangled water wand I splurged on (at Target).

4 p.m.
Break for Oprah. Cooper and I prepare dinner while Daddy wrestles a pissed off Mason in the other room (Mason does not like to be separated from Mommy, even for a minute). Cooper puts away dishes from the dishwasher. Cooper sets the table. Cooper rolls the chicken bakes in breadcrumbs. Cooper picks the vegetable side. Cooper even counts out 5 Ritz crackers for himself, and then 5 for Mason as an appetizer. How funny!?!!??!

Hail storm! Figures that as soon as I get the plants potted it would storm. Move all the baskets into the garage for a little protection. Afterall, they just moved out of the greenhouse yesterday. Don't want to shock them. Mason still hasn't puked. In fact, he's doing really great. He's still cranky, a bit floppy... but we'll see how the night goes.

Both boys are in bed, asleep. My throat feels better. And I'm thinking, "Mother's Day turned out OK."

Saturday, May 10, 2008

To begin with...

Let's see, Steve and I had a deceivingly wonderful hour to ourselves before the kids woke up. We made a pot of coffee (from Costa Rica) and chatted about our plans for the day. But then we discovered that our little one had thrown up in the night. So, to begin our morning we first panicked at the thought of the dangers associated with that, and then we cleaned.

It hasn't really looked up since then as there's been more puke and everyone in the family is sick with something. We've got allergies, head colds, and stomach flu (or something that's make the baby vomit) around here. So... not a lot of fun being had.

Because we're staying indoors we did indulge Coop's grandest desire... to have LEGOs. Lots of LEGOs. He's been playing for hours. I'm a little concerned about what this means for my vacuum.

Despite our illnesses we are still planning on keeping our annual Mother's Day tradition of preparing the flowers for the porch. But I'm hoping the weather will arm up a bit before we do that.

One last thing, congrats to my little brother who is graduating from Law School this week.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Read Any Good Books Lately?

A really wise woman once wrote:

Children don't need expensive toys, fancy clothes, or fantastic vacations to make them proud or happy. Sometimes they just want to pick out their own book. And then hand it to you over the counter and TELL you that they've picked it out. All by themselves.

That woman is my sister-in-law, Claudia.

While I think that it is true that I've always let my kids pick out books from the library, I always tried to influence them. Then I read these words on Claudia's blog. And I stopped doing that. The biggest difference in the books at home now are that most titles are about Superman, Star Wars, Spiderman, and Zoro. (I still sneak a few in the bag. After all, sometimes trying something new is what leads you to your new loves.)

My boys love stories. I thought I'd share some of our favorite titles (and a few that I've recently read and LOVED).

What Is a Wookiee?
Shadows and Masks [zorro]
Pig Wig
The Complete Adventures of Curious George

Come Play With Elmo
Happy Birthday, Eeyore!
A Hot Dog Day
Puff the Magic Dragon

The complete persepolis
A Woman in Berlin: Eight Weeks in the Conquered City: A Diary

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

I Voted!

Call it corny, but I was so happy to take advantage of my right to vote today. It was a small city election (for mayor and some issues that would affect taxes) but it was still important to participate. I was also relieved to have a little dry run of going to the civic center, confirming (yet again) that I am registered to vote, and participating in the act of voting. I am rehearsed and ready for November. Are you?

Do your due dilligence and make sure you:

a) Know where the polling locations are.
b) Are registered in the district in which you live.
c) Mark the day on your calendar when you will be voting (or mailing an absentee ballot).

All little things, but so important -- especially in November.

Photo Note:
In honor of the cheesy I Voted sticker that I proudly wore today, I've included a pic of Mason glued to his sticker book.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Change Your Plans

What did you do today? Did you sit in a dark, grey, stale office and look out at the beautiful weather through a dirty, highly-tinted window?

Or did you chase squirrels under the trees in city park? Maybe you meandered past gold nuggets? Perhaps you drove a space ship? Did you pick up moon rocks? Think about what you did today. Think about what you're planning to do tomorrow. Change your plans.

We'll see you at the park.

PS -- Mason's shorts are wet due to a juice box mishap, not a dirty diaper.