Thursday, May 1, 2008

May Day

I thought May Day was meant to mark the end of the uncomfortable winter half of the year. I kicked off the month at traffic court. On my way there I drove through horrendous snows with little to no visibility. It was snowing so hard that while I stood in line at the courthouse I looked down the hall at what I thought was a frosted opaque window, only to realize later that it was snowing so hard that the view was just a sheet of white, blowing snow.

On the way home -- you can congratulate me on getting out of a $118 ticket -- I found that it was snowing so hard that by the time I scraped the snow off the car windows and got back in the car to back out of the parking space I could not see. It was a white-knuckle drive home. As I inched closer to our town the snow let up a bit, but I still found all my shrubs and flowers cloaked in wet, heavy snow.

Tomorrow I'll assess the damage.


Elle said...

Those photos look like they were taken by a professional photographer. You should seriously print those and frame them. Gorgeous! And yuck! The weather was terrible to drive in today!

Glenda said...

We had a winter storm yesterday. This morning added another 1/2 inch, but by evening it had melted.
The photos are great. Isn't that what makes a good picture, the unexpected?
And how in the world did you get out of a ticket? Who does that?
I loved the boys black sugar teeth...reminded me of the wench in the Carribean Pirate movies!

laurel said...

We only got a skiff. (is that how you spell Skiff? ANyway, you guys got tons. What a way to welcome in May. I was pretty depressed about really had a reason. Hope all your plants made it. I am worried about the peach trees. Proud of you....way to get out of the ticket. Traffic school rocks! Or so, Jay tells me.

kirkzanne said...

What a crazy weather year we've all had. You all have especially had your share of bad weather. Hope things turn around and real soon.

kirkzanne said...

I sounded a bit like a southern belle in that last comment - a dumb southern belle!