Friday, May 2, 2008

Is It Because I'm Old?

I've just done something I have never done before. In fact, looking back I think I actually chuckled when I noticed people doing it. I scurried around my yard in the black of night wearing my PJs, an overcoat, and a fleece button-down scarf covering my plants and tucked them in for the night on account of the National Weather Service issuing A FREEZE WARNING through 9AM for my area. Pretty sure this is geriatric.

I'm particularly worried about my Daphnes as they are my fav-fav-favorite shrubs (I have 9). You can bet I left the Spirea to fend for themselves. Frankly if they all died I'd only grieve for what that means to my pocketbook. If I felt it prudent -- in the midst of all our other renovations -- I'd rip them out today and replace with about 6 raspberry canes.

Now on to more humorous topics. Mason farts.

Last night (more like sometime early this morning) he started crying. I went up to his room to comfort him and ended up falling asleep in the bed in his room (he's still in the crib). As the sun came up I was awakened by his root-ta-toot-tooting. Then I hear him sniff-sniff-sniff then say, "Ew." Then, again, sniff-sniff-sniff, then "Ew." He did this a couple of times throughout the day... in fact he's doing it now, all alone in his bedroom. He's a dork. A stinky, little dork.


Glenda said...

That settles it. Mason definately takes after the Ferre side of the family because none of the belnap boys ever farted. That's why the Belnap's are so bitchy. If we didn't bitch we'd blow up!

laurel said...

Can I tell you how many times I have done the same thing....I don't think it means we are old, it just means we care about our plants. Right? I am not old. Either are you. Crazy maybe. Hee hee hee. Don't know why boys think farting is funny and entertaining, but they do. He is so little that cracks me up.

laurel said...

WHen I said I do the same thing...I was referring to running out in my PJs....not farting altho' that even happens to the best of us.

lynnie said...

Bitching - Farting ......I think the Ferre's could claim them both!!!!