Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Read Any Good Books Lately?

A really wise woman once wrote:

Children don't need expensive toys, fancy clothes, or fantastic vacations to make them proud or happy. Sometimes they just want to pick out their own book. And then hand it to you over the counter and TELL you that they've picked it out. All by themselves.

That woman is my sister-in-law, Claudia.

While I think that it is true that I've always let my kids pick out books from the library, I always tried to influence them. Then I read these words on Claudia's blog. And I stopped doing that. The biggest difference in the books at home now are that most titles are about Superman, Star Wars, Spiderman, and Zoro. (I still sneak a few in the bag. After all, sometimes trying something new is what leads you to your new loves.)

My boys love stories. I thought I'd share some of our favorite titles (and a few that I've recently read and LOVED).

What Is a Wookiee?
Shadows and Masks [zorro]
Pig Wig
The Complete Adventures of Curious George

Come Play With Elmo
Happy Birthday, Eeyore!
A Hot Dog Day
Puff the Magic Dragon

The complete persepolis
A Woman in Berlin: Eight Weeks in the Conquered City: A Diary


Claudia said...

Wow...I deserve little praise for my writing, let alone being called "wise"...And the thing with kids is that they still need the guidance of those older and wiser than they are, so I'm sure picking a few books for your children is good for them! Coming from one who doesn't even have children yet, and speaking to one of the most incredible mothers out there, I'm completely out of my league. Anyway, glad they are having fun picking books, and that you still take the time to get them (and yourself!) some good stuff, too.

laurel said...

I let my kids pick out there own books from the book order at school. Soon we will be the proud owners of "Captain Underpants and Booger Boy." Bet you can guess who got that one? The other ones were more on the normal side. I agree, Claudia is very wise. She will be a great mother too, just like you!

Anita and Erik said...

We miss you! Let's plan a playdate next week!

Elle said...

So when I was at the library today, I asked the librarian if they had that Women in Berlin book but instead of giving her the title, I said "There's this book my friend recommended but I can't remember the title. I know it was a journal written by a woman who stayed anonymous and she dealt with some atrocities for something like 60 days. I think she might have been a Russian woman. Or maybe it was her encounter with Russian soldiers. I think there is something like 60 days in the title. Or maybe it was 60 nights." The librarian was really nice but I'm sure she was thinking "Are you kidding me?" So that's when I called you up. Unfortunately, they didn't have in stock at that particular library so they ordered one from another library. Then I asked her if she had Complications. She asked "Is it Complication or Complications with a 's'." I said "I'm not sure. " She asked "Do you know the author?" I said no but it supposed to be really good. Well, there was one book but it was about surgery. Is that the right one? Then she said "There's one titled Grand Complications." and I said no, I'm sure that's not it. So I left the library with 8 books and they were all for Kendall and Vaughn and none for me :(

lynnie said... I relate to Elle!!!!
I just read "Eat,Pray,Love." I really loved it, I was sick and depressed at the time I read it!