Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Tour Guides

I am missing my parents after a trip from them to our home. Sheeeeesh! How's THAT for getting old?

Now that they are home and the family and I are reflecting on the visit I can positively say that having them here playing with my kids (and thus skipping out on all the usual touristy stuff) was a great idea. And also it appears I've done some growing up since the last time someone came to visit us. How can I tell? Well, I let the babies do exactly what they wanted to do instead of getting all self-conscious and suggesting we do something more widely acceptable (and sure to bring on a temper tantrum from at least one of my two kids) like driving up a 14-er or looking at quilt museums.

I know! I'm wicked and perhaps guilty of not being a bend-over-backward-for-my-guests hostess. But, I feel that when grandparents are involved, it's the safest bet. I'm also not feeling one ounce of guilt about the money I spent shopping because I was shopping for my mother (man did she find some good stuff) and though I did splurge on myself, it was tempered compared to what I'm actually capable of.

The best part about having your parents/grandparents come to visit, not once did either my mother or father look at me and go, "Really? You want to go to a park and follow around two smelly boys?" and that is perfect.

Acceptance for your boring, I-just-want-to-be-with-my-kids behavior. That is essential to all good families and family visits (please note I did not accidentally call it a vacation).

PS -- My kids are missing them, too.

PSS -- Cooper-ism: While eating snacks today he ran around the ottoman then ran back to the snack bowl and said, "I was just going around the block like Grandpa's race car."


Devin said...

Cooper I did the same thing at work. But I ran around the copy room work table.

laurel said...

THey are soooo cute! I know your mom and dad had a great time. Heck, who wouldn't?

Anonymous said...

Glad you had some quality time with your parents, and the boys look cute as always!

Devin said...
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Rachel said...

Your parents are so great about just doing anything. As long as they are with their kids or grandkids they are happy, I really love that about them.