Tuesday, May 6, 2008

I Voted!

Call it corny, but I was so happy to take advantage of my right to vote today. It was a small city election (for mayor and some issues that would affect taxes) but it was still important to participate. I was also relieved to have a little dry run of going to the civic center, confirming (yet again) that I am registered to vote, and participating in the act of voting. I am rehearsed and ready for November. Are you?

Do your due dilligence and make sure you:

a) Know where the polling locations are.
b) Are registered in the district in which you live.
c) Mark the day on your calendar when you will be voting (or mailing an absentee ballot).

All little things, but so important -- especially in November.

Photo Note:
In honor of the cheesy I Voted sticker that I proudly wore today, I've included a pic of Mason glued to his sticker book.


laurel said...

I love to be active in politics. Right now I started a petition against some things our city council is thinking about doing. Glad you are doing your duty as well....not that I ever thought you wouldn't. You are always a tropper.

Elle said...

Hear Hear!! Kudos!

kirkzanne said...

Good for you! You are an example to us all. I just wish I could decide WHO I want to vote for in November...

Glenda said...

Great reminder, especially because so many of us who read this blog have recently moved and may not be registered in their new districts. Also, I will need to request an absentee Ballot for Andrew.
I love the MSN picture.

grandma GiGI said...

Reading the blog is my own little bed-time story...love it! Mason is precious.