Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The Accessory

I've always maintained it doesn't take much to entertain children. I've recently expanded my exposure to other people's children and learned that it doesn't take much to entertain My children. Of course I'll give credit to imagination and creativity here, as my boys both have far more than should be allowed. (But we're grateful for it all the same.)

Believe me it takes literally no prodding or coaching for them to come up with these games and toys. Hand Mason a cardboard tube and the next thing I know he's running around the house making shooting noises with his new go-go gadget arm. Where do they come up with it? Also, why shooting noises?

Mason's health update: No puke. While doctor is still expressing mild concern for his dampened mood we're looking for changes and breathing a big sigh of relief.


lynnie said...

FThat was a favorites toy at our house also! I think it still is!

Glenda said...

I used to save paper towel rolls, thought they were a precious commodity because the boys loved them so much. I also recommend saving oatmeal cannisters. Anyway, it is time to get the boys a refrigerator box, some duct tape and some markers...you won't believe home much fun they will have. Just don't let Cooper push it down the stairs with Mason in it....I speak from experience.

Claudia said...

What a cutie! You always see pictures of little kids who get great new toys (i.e. at Christmas and birthday), but the picture is of them playing in the box. I guess this is true! Glad to see Mason uses his imagination!

laurel said...

Glad he is better. Love his bionic arm. Boys crack me up.