Monday, May 12, 2008

Do Over: Mother's Day

A review of Mother's Day and the Do Over Mother's Day

7:30 a.m.
Mason wakes up. Steve runs upstairs to get him. Puts him in bed next to me so that we'll both sleep in (afterall, it's Mother's Day) and makes for the kitchen to prepare French Toast and keep Coop quiet.

8:30 ish
I wake up to the sounds of Mason puking on me. Happy Mo-ther-sss Day! Try to scream for Steve to come and help me but I am too sick and have no voice. Manage to clean up some of it and run Mason out to the kitchen to tell Steve I need help. Together we strip the bed, dangle puking baby over sink, and change out of pajamas into clothes in 1.2 minutes.

Scrubbed and all feeling a little better we shuffle out to the kitchen for some of Steve's magnificent French Toast. Please note, he should actually call his French toast, Candy Toast. It is so delicious. Cooper eats as much as I do... and frankly, despite being sick, so does Mason.

10:30 ish
We commence the planning of the day. Would I like to uphold the annual tradition of buying the flowers for the porch? Make a fancy dinner with ingredients from my favorite market? There's a lot of hemming and hawing because my throat hurts too much to swallow and I'm not sure we should stray too far from home with pukey baby.

After eating a few leftovers from last night's dinner for lunch we decide to make the run to our favorite nursery for the annual buying of the plants. I personally love going to this nursery on Mother's Day weekend. It is a freaking zoo. They hire live performers and there's free food and drinks. Despite the circus there's still a great selecting of plants and it gets me really excited for the growing season. Boys frolick (see pictures).

2 ish
Finish at the nursery and stop at Sonic for slushes. Yum-yum. The sugar rush gets me giggling and we don't even notice Mason going down hill. Park at favorite market for some high-dollar groceries for celebratory dinner. Just as we unbuckle Mason's carseat he absolutely chunders. Fountain of orange slush. Gratefully we actually got him out of the car for the vomit part and he missed sprayed the upholstery and the DVD players. Load back in the car and high-tail it for home. Now we're starting to worry about Mason (he's been throwing up since Friday).

5 ish
After a bath for pukebaby we prepare a dinner of leftovers. We have a relaxing dinner on the patio while we watch the boys chase pill bugs -- which Coop kept calling skin bugs -- and Steve's captures 4 of the funniest minutes of video I have ever seen [of the boys].

8 ish
We get the kids ready for bed (decide to give Coop a bath, too). I elect to sleep upstairs in the baby's room so that I can listen for anything unusual.

11 p.m.
Mason start screaming hysterically. Doesn't stop and after about 10 minutes of this screaming throws up. Now we're really nervous about him and start doing the shouldwetakehimtotheemergencyroom decision analysis. Decide they won't be able to help him. Move him downstairs with us. He falls asleep, we don't.

5 a.m.
Cooper starts screaming. Just bad dreams, but Steve decides to go upstairs to his room and sleep out the rest of the morning in his room. Mason continues to kick me in the head until I finally decide to get out of bed. By 7 everyone is up, but moving really slow. My throat is as bad as ever. Steve's got a hugely busy work day ahead. Mason is downright lethargic.

On the dot I call the doctor and don't ask the receptionist for an appointment. I literally tell her we must be seen. She gives us her 10:10 spot. The frenetic activity getting the boys fed, dressed, and ready to go to the doctor. I leave with Mason, Cooper stays home with dad. [Let me just say that Cooper was outstanding today. He played quietly while Steve worked. And he helped me so much throughout the day. Amazing little guy.]

We show up 10 minutes early. We're seen early. Doctor is visibly as nervous as we are about Mason. He just lolls in my arms, his limbs draped all over me. Clearly something isn't right. Also he has lost 2 pounds since Wednesday (he was seen on Wednesday for something else, unrelated). She asks us to walk directly downstairs for x-rays (checking for obstruction).

11 ish
We're home from the hospital and waiting results. I make lunch for the boys to eat on the patio. Mason is actually looking pretty excited to eat. Doc calls with the good news that the x-ray looks good. But, she's going to call periodically to make sure he's continuing to improve. (We'll let you know how it goes.) Mason goes down for a nap. Cooper and I head for the porch. We're going to pot the hanging baskets. Our Do-Over has arrived. Cooper really loves planting. He's sweet and sensitive with the plants. He says cute things like, "Oh look at the buds on this one." He insists on operating the new-fangled water wand I splurged on (at Target).

4 p.m.
Break for Oprah. Cooper and I prepare dinner while Daddy wrestles a pissed off Mason in the other room (Mason does not like to be separated from Mommy, even for a minute). Cooper puts away dishes from the dishwasher. Cooper sets the table. Cooper rolls the chicken bakes in breadcrumbs. Cooper picks the vegetable side. Cooper even counts out 5 Ritz crackers for himself, and then 5 for Mason as an appetizer. How funny!?!!??!

Hail storm! Figures that as soon as I get the plants potted it would storm. Move all the baskets into the garage for a little protection. Afterall, they just moved out of the greenhouse yesterday. Don't want to shock them. Mason still hasn't puked. In fact, he's doing really great. He's still cranky, a bit floppy... but we'll see how the night goes.

Both boys are in bed, asleep. My throat feels better. And I'm thinking, "Mother's Day turned out OK."


Glenda said...

I am so sorry that my little MSN was so sick. Hopefully, he has perked up by now. He is so cute, and his hair is so blonde. Some of your brothers had hair that color. Can't wait to see them both, but I don't want them to be sick while we are there!
I can't be in a hurry to plant. It is still snowing here!

kirkzanne said...

Keep up posted on Mas (if you want to read a funny barfing story - check out Tay's blog). It sounds like you aren't feeling all that perky yourself. It's time to open some windows! I'm convinced that closing up your house so tight all winter really keeps those bugs in. Our houses are all so drafty we never have that problem. But it does get a little cold...

laurel said...

I hope he gets better soon. I worry so much about him being dehydrated with all the throw-up. That makes them floppy. However, if he is doing better which it sounds, he must have kept some moisture down. Hope he stays well. I think it is kinda cool...two mother's days. Not the perfect one either time, but at least it was two.

Your boys are darling and mam you have a great figure.

Anita and Erik said...

I am just impressed at how well you handle tough situations. So sorry your family has been sick. I will keep my fingers crossed for better days ahead. Happy Mother's Day part deux!

grandma GiGI said...

I am so grateful that I can share your activies via the blog. Sorry you are all so sick and do hope that Mason gets better fast. Coop sounds like he is a little man. Darling boys with super parents!

lynnie said...

Can't you ever just lay in bed and rest when you are all sick? You are such a go get em mama! I hope Mason is alright, they always get better the minute you finally take them to the Doctor! I bought lot's of flowers too... I love them! Happy Mothers Day!

Claudia said...

Sorry everyone, especially Mason, was so sick. But I tell ya what, with every additional picture you post of him, he is just getting cuter and cuter! Glad everyone seems to be on the mend!

Anonymous said...

What a long day, so glad things seems to be taking a turn for the better. Take care of yourself too, and get some much needed sleep when the little one sleeps!