Friday, May 30, 2008

Contained, Again

Different day. Different kid. Same trick.

Imagine my hard-headed surprise to find Cooper in the LEGO box?!?!?

Also, I find it necessary to note that we are on Summer Schedule. That is to say, nothing is on schedule. I feel like our hasty pace of leisurely living is leaving no time for the business of life. Let's take yesterday for example:

1. My grandparents showed up unexpectedly from Texas en route to Idaho. Yes, that's right... just showed up on the doorstep. I was overjoyed to see them and frantically started pouring lemonade, shoving toys and clean (but unfolded) laundry under the sofa, and checking the toilet seat for toilet-training dribbles. In all the mess and crazy joy of having them over I forgot to take a picture!

2. Tried a new recipe. In all my research and planning for the recipe I plumb forgot to take the chicken out of the freezer. So, 15 minutes before I was to begin assembly I realized I was working with a 2 pound block of ice.

3. Following dinner we opted for a quick walk around the block. This was actually an opportunity to let Coop practice riding his bike. (Also, he's obsessed with "going around the block" since the race car trip.) At the 1/3 way mark we ran into neighbors/friends. Of course I just had to stop and chat. Then at the 1/2 way mark we ran into more neighbors/friends who were going around the block with their 4yol daughter in one of those battery-operated Jeeps. They decided to take a new route to follow us and at the 3/4 way mark we ran into more neighbors whose 5yol daughter decided she needed to be driving her battery-operated Jeep, too. So, now we're having a full on block party in the street with two neighbor girls in their respective Jeeps and Coop on his bike. As I watched Cooper coyly chase -- and then get chased -- by these girls I kept thinking, "Oh my gosh, he is a heartbreaker." This went on well past bedtime.

And so you see, I just can't get with the program.


Elle said...

He looks bigger. Older. It's been too long since we've seen you. Let's arrange a play date in the next few weeks!

laurel said...

What a fun surprise visit, but I do understand the hasty cleaning. I do it whenever somebody I know comes by unannounced. I think it is human nature like yawning when you see a yawn. Cooper really is a girl killer. But what did you expect? Haven't you looked at yourself and your hubby lately?

Claudia said...

Wow...I don't know if it is just because he is sitting in that not-so-big leggo box, or if it's just the camera playing tricks, but Cooper looks like he's getting tall!