Thursday, May 15, 2008

It's That Time

Our days are a rush of hurry-ups and waits. It seems like we're in a never-ending ebb and flow of bustling to get somewhere or just taking our time while the baby naps. But there are a few times during the day that I know are cherished by the boys.

Cooper's Favorite Times of Day:

The Moment His Coach Walks Him Past My Gym Class -- It is amazing to see the look on Cooper's face when he is marched (with the rest of his class) past my gym classes. He always peeks into the window, searches for me, and then radiates and waves frantically as soon as he sees me. Sometimes he even points to me and says, "That's my mom." I know he loves that moment because he often tells me about it later in the day. I just don't know why.

When Mason Naps -- During Mason's naptime Cooper once again rules the roost. As an oldest child myself I can relate to this feeling and I pretty much let him do whatever he chooses. He usually picks things that Mason isn't doing, yet, such as "workbooks" or computer games. His workbooks are literally workbooks that I bought at the teacher supply store. He has one in every subject imagineable. He loves working through them and getting a sticker for completed pages.

Story time -- Each night our boys are read to. When Steve's in town, we each take a boy and read to them. When he's out of town I read to them simultaneously. After stories they go to sleep, so what I should really call story time is negotiation 101. Cooper is a master.

Anytime Dad Comes Home -- I do mean any time that Steve comes home, whether from Costa Rica or a quick trip to Costco, Cooper runs to meet him at the door. Then he hugs him and growls [bear hug].

Stay Tuned. I'll tell you Mason's favorite times of day tomorrow.

PS -- Speaking of bedtime, at the risk of revealing too much, I wanted to share with you something funny that Cooper said last night. I was reading him a bedtime story. He hopped off the bed, ran to the wall, flattened himself against the wall (back to the wall), made a funny face and ran back to the bed. When he hopped back on the bed I instantly smelled what he had done against the wall. I said, "Coooooperrrrr! That stinks. Did you fart?!?!?" Incredulous he said, "It's my room. I can fart in here."

PHOTO NOTE: Another picture of Cooper helping with the bathroom remodel.


grandma GiGI said...

Chilren are so wonderful...yours are so lucky..I just wish I had been the good mother you will really reap the rewards.

Anita and Erik said...

Because I have 2 boys as well, I completely understand the farting....I have been told that this is going to be my life, so get used to it :)