Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Cooper has a new infatuation.... Lunchables. I know what you're thinking, that's just crackers, cheese, and lunch meat. But he gobbled it up today, then talked about them all day long. Actually what started it was a table of tittering school girls in the museum cafeteria. They all had lunchables of some variety (some of which looked so repulsive to me I could hardly stand to watch them eat them). Coop noticed them and asked about them many times throughout the lunch and then throughout the day. When I was faced with pulling together a quick lunch before heading to the park today, I decided to just stop at Super Target and grab some.

In other news (not that any of this is news) We're so excited for our holiday visitors we can't stand it. I've got the boys making all kinds of preparations. I haven't seen them this excited since Christmas. Just a reminder, I am migrating all my old posts from the old blog. It's a slow process, but I've got March 2007 through most of June 2007 finished. So, I invite you to look back and remember some of the funny times.

PHOTO NOTE: The boys with on of their girlfriends. Day at the mall, look at Cooper hamming it up!!!


kirkzanne said...

Did you get my email yesterday?

My kids went through the lunchables stage - every time we would go to the US they wanted the first week to be all lunchables!

laurel said...

Kenzie loves Lunchables too. THey are her cold lunch food of choice. Wish I could come and see you too.

Anonymous said...

Lunchables-well they get bought for my 2 year-old and get eaten by my 14 year-old. He finds them irresistable. However, they have these JR. Lunchable that have the tiniest pieces of meat, tiny tiny crackers, and the toddler loves them and the older brother must think these are baby food, doesn't touch them. (They also are about $1.50 for 2-alot cheaper)