Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Christmas Comes Just ... a Few Times a Year: A Photo Essay

Lest you think our poor family celebrates Christmas just once a year... wanted to document just one of the times we got our deck the halls on.
Mason pictured at party. Gazing wildly at other children on a mega sugar high. Also, a bit of static in his hair. Just a bit.

Cooper spotted the candy dish filled with chocolate teddy grahams in .2 seconds. Proceeded to stand guard and snarf ALL of them. I took a picture rather than the other good mother move -- take the cookies away.

Only thing more exciting than Santa? When the magician pulled a chicken out of her shirt.

Look right into my eyes and tell me, Did you or did you not eat all the teddy grahams in the empty bowl on the table behind you?
Santa, you have very bad breath. Also, you are very big.
I've been good.
Favorite picture as it aptly illustrates my children's obsession with ornaments. Look at Mason. He is literally thinking, I can get to that by tomorrow morning.

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