Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Contain Yourself

Let this be a lesson to me, actually I think this might have already been a lesson that I boldly ignored muttering things like, "It's an anomaly."
I think we spent about $25 on this box of LEGO blocks. Well, Mason likes the box. He just sits in it. Then sits it in some more. Happy to just keep on sitting.
If you think Mason just likes boxes, think again. We have an old fax machine (I know, what is that anyway??!?!) and it has a long wire thingy meant to catch the papers as they print. He likes to straddle that and sit on that. I don't know what that means exactly. Perhaps this is just the beginning of a behavior known in most corporate offices as, "that weird guy that keeps photocopying his butt."
One place he will not sit is the toilet. I've begun asking him if he'd like to go -- forgive the baby talk -- potty. He always says that he would. But when we sit him on the toilet he wants off faster than his little cheeks touch porcelain. He will, however, belly up to the bowl and pretend he's peeing standing up. He'll do that for hours, fully clothed of course.
In other container news, the boys smashed two or three terra cotta pots on the patio today. I'm not sure how many pots actually met their demise at the hands of my fine, well-behaved boys but there was A-LOT of shards. So, I'm leaning toward three. Think I'll replace them with plastic, if I replace them at all. I'm getting so anxious for next year (and having a raised garden bed) I could really care less about the containers.


Glenda said...

Cute stuff...sometimes, I wonder if kids like to get in tight enclosed spaces is that it reminds them of the security of the womb...or maybe, being in something little makes them feel big. It is an interesting thing to watch.

kirkzanne said...

Sounds like you had a great time with your mom and dad. I think Coop will remember that first corvette!

laurel said...

Let me just say, every kid likes to play with the container the expensive toys come in. You would think as parents we would get it after the 100th time we watch our kids play with the container rather than the toy. However, it seems we don't get it. Maybe we secretly want the toy ourselves. Mason looks so cute and chubby. I would love to kiss those little arms. Also, Granma Gigi told me about Coop and his Batman costume and the car dealership. SO TOTALLY COOL!!!!!!!!!