Monday, May 28, 2007

The Hooded Gnome and Baby Long Legs

Hey everyone... was planning on a great post tonight. But my writing time has been eaten up by picture downloads. I needed to back up my photo files... had to dump 2,880! So, that took 24 minutes. Then I needed to check the weather in Portland. (Steve is going to have fantastic weather!) Now, Cooper is helping me. As he puts it, "Wid da bwog?"

Our Memorial Day was spent as a family. Steve started a traditional holiday meal at 10 a.m. and let it cook all day. It was scrumptious. We all loved it. But while it was cooking we got a lot of things done -- and I took 61 pictures. You'll have to decide what you want to see next. (There's quite a back-up.)

But in my haste tonight, I figure you'll enjoy these pictures that we took at the very end of the day. The sweatshirt was a product of walking to the park rather late in the evening and it turning a bit chill outside. (Though, Coop was the only one complaining.)

For those of you concerned, the boys did bathe both yesterday -- and tonight! Don't mind the ring of grungus that has collected in Mason's neck. We're not sure how such a pencil-necked little kid can get so much crud in there.

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