Thursday, May 3, 2007

Urology -- 1 Day On

Little Mason had a terrible night. But I think he's through the worst of it. He woke up this morning a new baby. For those of you who have had an epidural or spinal block, you can probably relate. I believe – but have no way of knowing – that Mason’s buttocks, legs, and feet were probably tingling and itchy last night. He was just so grumpy and trying to move his feet and kick. But not really able to. He couldn’t sit up very well and he didn’t really want to be held. But then he didn’t want to be too far away from any of us – including Cooper. So, finally we just gave up the ghost and went to bed. I let Mason sleep next to me in the master bedroom and Steve slept upstairs in Mason’s room, which is next door to Cooper. Steve was on Cooper duty – and I don’t think Cooper got up – and I was on Mason duty.

Mason nursed every hour through the night. He was like a heat-seeking missile. Every time I pushed him away I’d wake up an hour earlier with him wedged up against me. After nursing so much and all the IV fluids from yesterday, we finally woke up to find Mason buoyed by his Maggie Simpson diaper. (If any of you are Simpson’s fans you will remember the Woodstock/Maggie diaper scene.)

We’ve had a cheerful morning of playing and eating solid foods! He’s already done what all good surgical patients need to do: keep incisions clean (despite their particularly non-hygienic location), keep down liquids and solids, and pass gas and stool! Fun times.

Included some fun pictures from the past week… for your enjoyment. Will not be posting pictures of incisions (nor taking any), so don’t ask.

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