Friday, May 11, 2007

Your Perspective is Your Reality

For the most part, I present my perspective on my world with my boys. But today, let me share the perspective from Cooper and Mason’s angle. Again, picture if you will the Zoo on a steamy day. Most of us are focused on the big animals. We mosey from one animal environment to the next staring at the rhino, the pachyderms, and the lions. That is why I couldn’t understand why I kept loosing Cooper in the underbrush.

Turns out, that’s where the peacocks like to hide. I would never have known, or seen, or noticed this hidden layer of the zoo if it hadn’t been for Cooper’s perspective. We counted nearly 20 flamboyantly feathered birds hiding in the bushes next to the yaks.

We all have a perspective. Perspectives are interesting, unique, and meaningful to the person viewing them. Sharing our perspectives makes some of us feel like our perspectives are valid. But sometimes it’s a worthy exercise to bend over and turn your whole world upside down.

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