Thursday, May 17, 2007

New Batteries

We had quite a few toys in the basement that we had retired when the batteries died. Well, we got a wild hair and decided to replace all the batteries. It was like Christmas morning around here. The boys were so excited. As you can see a couple of toys were helpful in Mason practicing standing and sitting straddle style.

Cooper was elated to see some of his old favorites resurrected from the basement. As soon as the batteries were in and the toys fired up I instantly remembered why we let them die in the first place.

Please note that Mason's little blankie is never too far from his side. This is ironic to us because it was given to Cooper by our good friends Ken and Monica. When Cooper was Mason's age he liked it, but he used to just scratch it. Mason on the other hand LOVES it. He likes to have it at night when he's trying to fall asleep and when he's playing and when he's nursing. He's really never without it. He just bundles it up and presses it on his face.

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