Thursday, May 3, 2007

Don't Forget Dads/Plumbers/Electricians/CFOs

Saw a story on CNN yesterday and it bolstered my confidence. Survey: Moms' work would bring in $138,095 a year.
Then I woke up this morning and had an extensive conversation with Steve about all the things we need to get done in the house this year. All included plumbing, electrical, tile work, landscaping. I'm telling you -- my hubby can do it all. He's also our financial controller (this is not to indicate he "controls" the money but that he acts as our CFO and financial investment advisor), our main mechanic, garbage taker-outer, systems administrator, car washer, golf coach, movie critic, travel agent, electronics guru, and occasional substitute housekeeper, cook, facilities manager, driver, and psychologist. Love him!

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