Monday, May 7, 2007


The word of the day was organization. Both boys got into the act when we took every toy they own – excluding most books and what I like to call equipment – and dumped it in the center of our front room.
The idea was that they would help me separate, categorize, and rotate the toys that are stored in their rooms, the front room, the car, the strollers, and the basement playroom. What really happened is that they both played, gleefully, the entire day. I couldn’t convince Cooper that he should do anything else. It’s a wonder diapers got changed today.

Mason was so excited about all the new shapes, colors, and sounds that he just quivered. He has a unique little self-stimulation trait that we have noticed. He rubs his index and thumb together. It appears as if he is rolling a booger on his finger and thumb. He just does it when he’s really excited or really happy. Anyway, he did it all day.

But it was a success and eventually all the toys ended up in new, orderly homes. We even set aside a huge bag of toys and books to give away. I asked Cooper about giving some of his baby toys to Mason. He wholeheartedly supported it on most of the toys. But a few favorites he just couldn’t let go. One item – which I’d prefer to see go in the rubbish bin – is a lion that found its way into the dryer. It now has a creepy man-perm of a mane. But Cooper loves him.

PS – Cooper woke up this morning looking for his cookies! And by 10 a.m. I gave in. I also let Mason eat an entire cake cone (sans ice cream) for a teething biscuit today. Actually, I was astonished how quickly he snarfed it down.

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