Sunday, May 20, 2007

3…2…1… Blastoff

Boys and their aeronautic exploits…

Some of you will remember the famed airplane hobby that Steve took on for like a month a few years ago. Spent a grundle on a really cool airplane kit. Spent a month building it. Took it out on a beautiful day and crashed it in about 3.42 seconds!

Saturday Steve woke up with aeronautics on the brain. The whole family went to the hobby shop to pick out the rockets. Then we scooted over to the local high school, only to find out a little assembly was required. When I say a little assembly, I actually mean a lot of assembly.

So, we shelved that adventure. But today was a new day. Got up early – rockets assembled – and went to the park. We had two rockets and a few “engines”. These are basically explosives. (Yes, we let our 2yol play with explosives.) And a huge pointy thing that they call a launch pad. I, myself, think it looks something like a bayonet and was a little nervous to have Cooper bounding with excitement around and over it.

Cooper was fairly patient and attentive. He helped Steve countdown to blastoff and he would then run after the rocket. He got a little upset when he saw the first one – blown in two and its guts on the ground. But once he learned that it could be all stuffed together, again, he cheered up. His little legs motored all over the park looking for rocket parts.

After a few voyages, the dandelion puffs became more interesting to him. Then the swings… then a dog… then the drinking fountain… then the woodchips… then…. Well you get the idea.

Mason enjoyed the entire experience. The rockets didn’t faze him one bit. He just lazed in the sun and ate garden peas and sweet potato puffs. But he’s definitely one of the family. A small cesna zipped by and Mason look right at it and cooed then waved his little hands at it. I couldn’t believe he could see it!

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