Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Showing Off

I'm sorry, but I have to brag about my Feng Shui for a minute. It looks so great and I have to show them off.

As you all know by now, peach, red, and purple are very lucky colors for Feng Shui. Also, flowers -- any living plants -- are good for kicking up the chi'i. Also, the front entry way to a house is very important. So, I combined all these Feng Shui guidelines and planted my front porch containers. This year I was able to do that for Mother's Day.

The boys got in the act and helped to dig and carry flowers and pots. (Actually, Mason mostly just cheered us all on.) Cooper loved soaking the moss in water, then filling up the ENTIRE pot with the moss. I actually let Cooper help pick which flowers went in each pot. So, none of them are the same... as I would have elected to do. Happy accidents! They all look great.

The project actually took a couple days in a row. First, we went out to the local nursery to shop for the plants. I love this nursery. They have live music most weekends. On the day we were there they had a huge clan of Scottish bag pipers in full regalia. Mason was the only one with me. He loved the music and waved his arms excitedly everytime they started up. It was very loud, but he didn't care.

Then there was planting day number 1. On this day Cooper poured an entire bag of potting soil onto the landscape rock in the front of our house. Oooooops. But we finished two of our 12 pots. Then, on the next day we finished the rest.

For those of you who care about these kinds of details... I had been eyeing some hanging baskets with copper inserts for the porch. They were in a catalog I absolutely love called, Ballard Designs. They were $119 per pot! An obvious NO for our family/budget. But, I found a pretty good knock-off at -- of all places -- Target. They were only $19/pot.

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