Thursday, May 31, 2007

To Infinity and Beyond...

Here are some random museum pictures of one of Cooper's favorite exhibits. It's the space ship room.

The activity that currently keeps the attention of both boys the longest is this ball contraption. It launches steel balls into a box of sand. Then a camera replays the action in slow motion (showing how a crater is probably made). Then the steelie is trucked up a chain and pushed into the chute, again. Then it is shot into the sand, again. It's actually pretty cool.

The lights in the space exhibit change the entire time you're in there. They fade from red, to blue, to green. This makes Mason squeal with delight. Again, his perspective is always looking up at the ceiling. There is also a full suited astronaut model hanging from the rafters that he likes a lot.

Then there's what I like to call tot-tronaut playland. This is where little kids can put on space suits, push buttons, try to manipulate grabbers and pick up foam moon rocks. Really fun for kids Cooper's age. Mason just tried to put everything in his mouth. Pretty disgusting.

Here's an exhibit that is the source of most of our frustrations in the space room. You can use the joystick to "drive" the shuttle to a little red light where it can be refueled. Well, the shuttle moves soooooo slowly that Cooper just can't get the hang of it. He moves the joysticks really quickly -- like he's playing pac-man -- and gets mad when the ship just goes in circles.

In the auditorium of the space room they have space news and fun demonstrations. Like how to freeze stuff with dry ice and what not. That was really making Mason kick and squeal

What can I say, my kids have a thing for science. We've got ingenuity on tap around here... example, Cooper's latest mode of transportation includes rocket boosters of his own device.
When I say, "Go fast!" He literally stops, tilts over then pushes an imaginary button on his hip and makes a noise like a hydraulic or a bus door opening, then runs off sputtering and spitting. On occasion he leans too far over and his noggin takes over. OOOooooopsy daisy!

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