Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Stubborn Has a Name: MASON

And on Monday, mom said, “There will be no food for you!”

I have taken the approach of tough, hungry love with Mason and his transition to bottles. I’m willing to nurse him until he is 1. But I am no lactivist; this exclusivity business is for the birds! And so this little guy must learn to take his sustenance from others in the form of a bottle. Be it dad, a babysitter, or grandparents… I frankly do not care as long as he will do it. I need to be able to leave the house, without him, for longer than four hours.

It is absolutely aggravating to me that a little baby that was taught to eat with a gavage feeding tube and a pacifier, and then bottles, could be such a breastfeeding snob! Seriously.

Today was the day. I fed him nothing, but offered him a bottle of breast milk every hour. Finally at 3:45 p.m. he gave in. Let it be said, no kid of mine is going to be more stubborn than I. Phew! Now I can go to dinner and a movie.

PS -- To my brothers, who I know read my blog, I'm sorry to have to take up the topic of breast feeding.

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