Saturday, May 12, 2007

Who Does Mason Know

A baby's life must be filled with strange sights, sounds and faces. I've been reading about language and sight development and have learned that until the age of 3, most children have a difficult time distinguishing between faces. Thus, one of the developmental milestones at the age of 3 is being able to name and identify a favorite friend at school. I've been watching both the boys for developmental changes like these. It's just a wonderment to me that one day they do not have a particular skill set, and then as if someone magically switched or inserted a motherboard into their brains overnight they wake the next morning completely capable of something they couldn't do the day before.

Mason's most recent, most notable development is recognizing Cooper's name, mommy (as a name), daddy (as a name), and his own name. The new game we play with him is, "Where is _________?" Of course he's too young to tell us. But he looks at, waves his arms, and even leans forward to reach for the person we ask him to identify. He gets very spirited with this game, especially when we ask about Cooper. He certainly loves his brother and watches everything Cooper does.

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