Monday, May 14, 2007

Playdate 101

A few things I've learned about playdates:

1. Always, always, always bring a change of clothes. Don't expect that any or all of the kids at the playdate will keep their clothes on. Be prepared to explain why Zoe and Macey [not Mason] do not have "junk."

2. As soon as you tell your friends that your son is a very picky eater. (This of course in an effort to save enough food for all the kids and not have any go to waste on your said picky eater's plate.) He will gobble up the organic macaroni and cheese, all the grapes in sight, 2 juice boxes, and even some choking hazardous carrots, then ask for more.

3. While you are telling your friends what a placid baby your second son is, he will ramp up on a crying jag and have one of the worst temper tantrums you've witnessed. He will then proceed to cry for 30 minutes until you relent and nurse him. (Note: Desperate to ween Mason before 8 month birthday.)

4. Despite the heralded benefits of socialization that a playdate offers, you'll find that in most instances your toddler will hole himself up in the playroom and read books, play puzzles, and build castles with blocks while all the other screaming toddlers are playing with each other outside on the grass. When asked what his favorite part of the playdate was he will likely say, "lunch on the porch."

Well, glad I committed to that!

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