Monday, May 19, 2008

To the Museum and Beyond

My boys love the Museum of Nature and Science. Around here it is the salve that can heal any mental malady, including the my-daddy-left-for-work-before-i-woke-up wound. Today Cooper actually took with him a picture of a spaceship that he had colored and gave it to one of the museum workers. (No prompting from me as I actually wanted to keep the picture because I could tell what it was without asking.)
Our first stop was lunch in the museum courtyard, which I believe my children like more than McDonald's. This is a miracle. Usually Cooper will beg and beg to "go to a restaurant". In Cooper speak this means he's not actually hungry, but bored and hoping to score a good toy. When we go places like this... chick-fil-a, mcd's, burger king, etc. ... he's always too distracted to eat and doesn't. I end up packing up the whole lunch/dinner and carting it home. Then about an hour after we get home both act really hungry and then have to eat cold, pureed-then-punched-into-a-new-shape chicken.
But if we go to the museum I usually take a lunch. It has much of the usual that you see at any lunch table, sandwiches, juiceboxes, yogurt, applesauce, jello, maybe a fresh fruit, and some snack/treat. No toys. No fancy wrappers. But, they eat it. I guess the halls of history and innovation make little brains hungry.
We spent four hours at the museum today. And we absolutely could not leave without space helmets. I should say, I just couldn't leave these helmets behind. Both of them walked around so proudly in them. I just had to have them.
PS -- Today was exactly the kind of day in which I was genuinely glad and felt edified in my recent decision to keep Coop at home (and not at preschool) until he's 4.


laurel said...

I love lunch at the museum too. I think being smart, makes you eat healthy. Wish I felt that more often. Theya re so cute in their space helmets! Priceless. Hey, I bought that quick cheese 2 years ago for a receipe I never made. I don't know what to do with it. Maybe I ought to dip the La Choy in it. Hee Hee Hee

Elle said...

I have not yet been to this place but I'm dying to go. I love the space helmets! So adorable.

grandma GiGI said...

I've said it before and I'll say it again.....lucky boys...super mom.

Katlyn said...

I love the helmets - they are hysterical. I can't wait until Chase is older and then maybe we can join you sometime!

Anita and Erik said...

First, I love Cooper's alligator shirt. I hope my boys don't ever see it as I'm sure they will just HAVE to have one. Second, what is Cooper afraid of in that pik where he is being a good big brother and protecting Mason? Do you have plans tomorrow? Want to go to the park?