Wednesday, October 31, 2007

No Monsters, Please

Surprise! All your friends show up at your door wearing outlandish costumes -- some in tights. What do you do?

a) Run and hide. After all, you're wearing tights, too. Sssshhh... it's a secret.
b) Gasp. Then say, "Oh my gosh. It's Jack!"
c) Faint.

This morning turned out to be almost more fun than Christmas. I kept the planned visit a secret from Cooper. But I did tell him he should wear his Batman costume this morning. He gladly got ready, then went about his day. Around 10:30 a.m. the doorbell rang. Cooper squealed (he likes answering the door), ran to the door, flung it open, and froze.

His little jumble of friends and preschool teacher all cheered and greeted him with a rowdy, "Trick or Treat." Then Coop pressed his face up against the storm door (glass) and pointed his finger until it made that gross double-jointed bend and excitedly whispered, "Oh my gosh. It's Jack!" Then he went around to each friend trying to guess who they were. It was a scream!

Of course we passed out treats -- a pre-made craft package with instructions and a candybar -- and went out on the porch for some pictures with our pumpkins. It was spectacular. Cooper was SO excited to see his buddies.

I learned a great lesson today. We all need our friends to tell us when we look good. These little friends milled around in a tight little cluster and told each other things like, “I like your wings.” I even watched as Jack (who handed down the Batman costume Cooper wore) patted Cooper on the stomach and said, “Your muscles look big.” Cooper puffed out his chest with pride! It was awesome.

So, call up your friends and let them know you like their wings. It will do wonders.

PS -- We also spent some time blowing bubbles in the basement. Magical!

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