Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Empty Bucket

The last day of summer.

An empty bucket.

Four boys under the age of 9.
Today we set out to fill the bucket, an adventure a little more meaningful than usual. These are our cousins, and they are moving Friday. This is not only our last day of summer, but our last summer day with them. (At least until they get settled in Albuquerque and we meander down there for a playdate.)

Besides the four stinky boys, I permitted no less than seven crawdads, a snake, a few grasshoppers, and a couple of minnows get in my car today.
But Mason really just wanted that duck.

A little mud, a lot of water, and wet shoes.

Tomorrow the bucket will be filled with
sharp pencils, new crayons, notebooks, and 2GB jump drives.


Connie said...

So cute! And how nice of you to take Gabe and Hayden off of Jenn's hands while she is trying to move . . . Snakes . . . you are a nice mom!! I think Jenn has another Parker on her hands!

Claudia said...

Is school starting already for you guys?

Glenda said...

I have been picturing Grandma Grace smiling from above at her four adorable great-great grandboys enjoying a wonderful day together. It reminded me that Grandma Grace helped us catch "skeeters" (or skaters) in the ditch in Mason jars...wearing a dress, hose and shoes with one inch heels....what a gal!