Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Book Buddy Venn Diagram

You know what I wish I had? I wish I had a Venn diagram from 1st grade. I'm sure you remember these from school (somewhere between kindergarten and college). Basically two parties pick a topic and then examine their differences and most importantly where their respective data intersects.

Where "favorites" is the category a Venn diagram between myself and say my best friend in kindergarten may have shown we both loved purple, Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, and books (30 years later we are still competing to see who can read the most books in a year). But on my side of the graph, favorite song would be something like Lady by Kenny Rogers and her side would have said something like Rock With You by Michael Jackson. She was way cooler.

My first grader recently completed his first Venn diagram. He compared his "favorites" to his book buddy "Kyle". Looking at the diagram I am pretty sure they had to make up similarities to intersect in the middle. Kyle is in 3rd grade and apparently can see rated R movies and listen to Kanye West. In common they have ice cream (mint chocolate chip), insects (praying mantis), and days (Friday).

I wish wish wish I could compare my first grade self to my first grade son. We would not have ice cream in common.

For the record here's the diagram:

And for those of us with poor enough eyesight to not be able to read Cooper's favorites:
Color: Red
Animal: Penguin
Song: Dynamite by Taio Cruze
Football Team: Saints
Ice Cream: Mint Chocolate Chip
Insect: Praying Mantis
Day: Friday
1 Grade Teacher: Toline
Show: SpongBob
Movie: Harry Potter, part 2 (he actually means the second half of the last movie)
Friend: Leighton
Dessert: Donuts


Glenda said...

Another interesting diagram (if you could be 100% honest) would be comparing current self to 1st grade self. I wonder if I'd still be my friend?

Grandpa B

Glenda said...

Coop...we share the food Ven....