Friday, March 16, 2012

What Do You Give __________?

Here's the dilemma, create an appropriate token of gratitude for the teachers who helped this little man climb out of his shell.

I've learned competing with all the greatness of all the other moms on days like Christmas and Valentine's is not for me. I take the no-pressure holidays -- St. Pat's, National Karaoke Week, Cinco de Mayo, and my all-time favorite: Knut Day. These are perfect holidays for me to be crafting and creating. Then when I bomb a project, I mean nail it, I can rest easy knowing no one else will have done anything at all for teacher.

This year I engaged in a hunt for licorice the colors of the rainbow. That was a super idea. You can read about my struggle to pull all this together at my sewing blog. Or just see a picture of the finished gift below. Entirely up to you.

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laurel said...

I did somethng similar. Of course my topper didn't exist, I just tied it with ribbon. Very cute and very creative.