Sunday, May 13, 2012

Move Over Michael

The athlete whose 2008 performance in China is the sole reason my Cooper swims has announced his plans to retire. Boo. I wish he could swim forever. Big M.P., the playboy with the biggest celebrity ears, gets a bad rap in some circles. But I can't help myself, I like him. Watching him that record-setting year was a thrill. It was on one such night that I watched my 2-year-old jump off our ottoman to the sound of the starter's beep onto the carpet and then make motions to swim through the carpet in a clumsy half breastroke-half army crawl. That, it turns out, is how a swimmer is born. Also, The Coop is pretty popular with the ladies, too.

The look tells all.

Again, with the ladies.


Claudia said...

That was an exciting glad we'll have Coop to root for instead!

Claudia said...

Plus, Cooper is WAY cuter than M.P.

Glenda said...

Keep us posted on your meets and how you do...OK, Coop.