Monday, August 6, 2012

I Grew These

I planted two trees on behalf of my boys. One was a cherry tree -- planted for Cooper, and the other was an apricot tree -- planted for Mason. The trouble with the cherry tree is that all the cherries were eaten by the birds (I'll have more on the birds, later). 

But Mason treasured his harvest. 

What is unfortunate is that Mason will never meet Nels Nelson. Nels is my grandpa, who had one of the largest apricot trees I've ever seen. When I would visit his house at a particular time of year, I could hardly stand the smell of the backyard. It was sickeningly sweet with the smell of overripe apricots. 

Our little tree is merely a branch. But someday, I hope it grows to rival that old apricot tree in the back of Nels' house. I also think, my little Mason is going to grow to be as big and strong and softhearted as my grandpa Nels. 

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