Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Phew, Oh and That Other Funny Story

Congrats to our orange belt! (That's a Shotokan Karate orange belt, to those of you who know the difference.) Huge sigh of relief! The Sensei is really quite rigid. The students test one week and don't find out the results until the following week. And really, there is no way of knowing if you past the test. Real nail biter. So, tonight, when we showed up we didn't know what would happen. For reals. Then just as I could tell Cooper had given up hope that he had passed the test his Sensei called out his name. Visible ton of bricks fell off Coop's shoulders. 

These pictures are from the night he tested -- that's why he's still wearing his yellow belt. 

I've been waiting to tell a funny story until I had a good karate photo of him. While these aren't the best, please note the hands of one of his Senseis on his shoulders. This is not the main man in the dojo. It's his helper -- who is something ridiculous like 86 years old. 

One day, after lesson Cooper said, "Oh mom you know that Sensei that's missing an ear?" I was like, "Yeah, I know the guy with no ear." Now, let's pause and reflect for a little bit. This in of itself is not something you hear everyday. 

 "Well, he has a wooden foot." 

"Cooper, he doesn't have a wooden foot. I can see his bare feet."

"Seriously mama! It's wooden."

"Why do you say that?"

"He touched my foot with his foot and it was wooden, I could tell."

This is what we have to look forward to in our old age. This man, though spry as a ninja, had such dry, crusty old feet that my child thought they were made of wood. 

The lesson we should learn is this: put lotion on your feet -- just not between the toes. Have a good Thanksgiving, also. 


emma nelson said...

Congratulations Cooper! You must be the best looking boy in the whole group. I'm pretty OLD but my feet are not wooden, they just hurt! I'm beginning to think it's my head that's wooden!
Happy Thanksgiving to all the Ferre's

laurel said...

Congrats Cooper! That is awesome. Lots of hard work, I am sure. Pretty funny story too! Kids are a crack up.