Friday, February 22, 2013

Best Vacation Ever

Let's face it, our kids have a way of romanticizing family vacations to the point of unbelievability. But it's nice to bask in their superlatives. Our short sojourn to Steamboat Springs was a success, even if we didn't ski the slopes. 

At the close of our long weekend, Mason and I waited patiently in the warm car while Steve and The Coop ran inside to checkout of the condo and grab a donut. Mason murmured, "Sometimes it's hard to say goodbye." 

His voice was so sweet and on the verge of emotional and I asked him why he felt this was true. 

"Because I had so much fun." he explained. I reached back with my Amazonian arms and patted his knee then realized it was the leg that was hurting after a day of sledding and playing rough in the snow so I said, "I'm sorry your leg hurts."

He replied while blinking back tears, "Maybe it's sad to leave, too."

Some pictures from the trip: 


Andrew said...

ive got myself a new computer and this is the first blog ive read on it. two things. its LOOKS beautiful on my screen, and secondly, its a great story. Im looking forward to hearing about these guys more regularly.

Claudia said...

1. That place looks awesome. 2. That Mason is so. darn. cute.

Glenda said...

I think that family pic would look great on a Christmas card

laurel said...

Pretty awesome!!!!