Sunday, November 30, 2014

Travelogue: Remember When I Used To Do That

In celebration of putting the first 1835 miles on a new car, I'm going to recap our journey to Colorado from my in-law's house.

We find starbucks. Thank goodness because the boy who is 10 days short of his 10th birthday is already whining. Supposedly he is starving. Just starving and we just don't care about him. Let me tell you, I cared plenty last night when he wouldn't sit down and eat at his grandmother's 80th birthday. But this morning his drama smacks of accuracy.

Steve establishes that, of course, we have cup holder assignments. His is the one closest to us. Mine is the farthest. That makes perfect sense since I'm shorter and have shorter arms. 

To the delightful sounds of Car Talk Coop falls asleep. With a blanket over his head. 

Another one bites the dust. Mason is out, too. Clearly the late nights with cousins have caught up with them. Which reminds me, I've got to silent their iPads. The middle of the night Words With Friends notifications are changing my world view. And it's not a pleasant one. 

Echo exit signals the start of rainy road conditions. Hoping it doesn't turn to snow. 

As luck would have it, snow!

Coop stretches awake and before his eyes are open asks, "Was that a long time?"

Conditions quickly worsening. 

Blessed sunshine. Mason is still sleeping. And Cooper is morbidly quiet, ensconced in his headphones and staring at his iPad. I can't help but remember the road trips of even 5 years ago. The trips metrenomed by treat timers and quick potty breaks. 

"I just took a big, long nap." Announces the dry, frank voice of my Mas. Not unlike the pronouncements he made as a toddler. 

On the dot we roll through Green River. It's wet and miserable and visibility is low. What is it about being trapped in a tin can that makes my motivation soar?!?!?  I've scheduled -- by text -- nearly a dozen appointments. My to-do list is growing by 10s. Can't wait to tackle it. But alas I'm destined to put this momentum on pause for another 6 hours. 

Oh and I need a facial...
And then I've got to put the tree up...
When am I going to pick up my Custom signs...
Hope that special-order fabric is in...
So many jobs...
So little time....

Just passed into Carbon County. Woohoo! I've started drinking iced coffee, which is to say I just took a swig of this morning's left over coffee and it's nasty. Must stop soon. We're all stir crazy and I'm singing along to I'd Lie For You by Meatloaf. Make. It. Stop. 

Take a de-icing break. 

Switch drivers and that means the updates will be very few and far between. Gratitude no. 378: the new car has XM radio. And then I quickly discover that you can not listen to comedians with kids in the car. 

Wendy's in Laramie. I'm determined for this to be our last unhealthy meal of the year. (I'm proven wrong by the pizza we order later.) 

On our way, because the snow seems to be following us. 

Mason asks did you guys pack my invention kit?

This sweet boy has been making small experiments with his grandpa. The invention kit is a prized possession. I'm so relieved that we packed it up. 

Ack! Get me out of the car. And a funny story about the return of ELF. But that will have to wait. For now, I'm rolling these huge thighs out of this car and ordering greasy pizza. 

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African Kelli said...

Love this! I hope your holidays were very merry. And your boys are SO big all of a sudden!