Saturday, January 5, 2008

Games Boys Play

If you’ve ever played games with Cooper (or Mason) you know it goes something like this:

Cooper: (low guttural voice) Come on Joe! Let’s build this tower for Frank. He needs our help.
Cooper: (another slightly different but also guttural voice) Good idea Jack. Let me get my tools.

Anyway, this guy talk thing can go on for hours. One day while Cooper was acting out a typical day at the construction site he came running to me with his guys. He asked if I would put them in the truck.

I carefully bended them up and slipped them into the front seat of the truck. Thinking, of course, that he wanted them to drive the truck. No! Think again. He – with a great deal of frustration – instructed me to have the guys “flying off the back.”

He was pleased with the end result, even if it required a great deal of coaching, and continued play acting out a typical day of runaway truck.

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