Sunday, February 8, 2009

Runnin' On Empty

Every time I look at my kids these days I see they are exhausted. They are playing hard and wearing themselves out. I acknowledge I've done my part to run them ragged, too. And so next week we are declaring some cozy days at home.

Every time they sit still they fall asleep or assume a position of maximum relaxation.

PS -- I find it amazing that Cooper can fall asleep during his nebulizer. One of the drugs it delivers makes his heart beat a little faster and can make you feel like you've just had a shot of espresso. You have to be pretty tired to fall asleep during it.


Glenda said...

I've never seen those chairs before...they look like little couch potatoes or maybe I should say tator tots.
Please feel me in on more, I feel like I don't know what they are doing as of late.

Katlyn said...

That is too cute! Well enjoy your vegging - it is good to do nothing once in awhile.

laurel said...

Poor baby Coop. Mason in his chillaxin' chair, cracks me up!

miniaturequilter said...

Hope Coop feels better and Mason is so cute, I can't believe they make a chair that small!

lynnie said...

I haven't looked at blogs forever, I didn't know you were all sick, something yucky is going around, Frank was sick for 10 weeks! Hope you are all getting better. I am ready for a " skype" !