Saturday, February 28, 2009

Watcha Doin'

Every famous pair has a yin and yang. The set at our house is quiet and loquacious. Coop's reserve caused us concern when he was Mason's age. He had barely 20 words. He didn't even babble. As he's grown he talk when is necessary. But doesn't really exert energy for conversation beyond that.

But Mason, he's a loose-lipped spokesman. At 2+ he expresses himself easily and for the most part has clear expressive language skills (considering his age, education, and experience). Lately we've delighted in his responses to the age old question, "Watcha doin'?"

Steve broke up a quarrel between the boys with a loud and blustery, "Watcha doin'?" Mason looked up and sternly answered, "We're just fighting."

I often come into a far too quiet room and say, "Watcha doin'?" And hear responses like, "We're playing, " or "We're building [LEGOs]," or "We're hiding," or "I don't know."

But last night I was taken by surprise when I found Mason up against a wall. When I asked, "Watcha doin'," he ran to me and shouted, "I'm farting!"


Angenette said...

childhood honesty. endearing.

Angenette said...

I asked Elena that same question the other day while she was in her room and I was washing dishes, and her answer was "Well I'm definately NOT jumping from my bed into the closet (a game strictly prohibited), I'm blasting off to the MOON!"
The dishes waited a little longer that day than usual.