Sunday, March 20, 2011

Chain Reaction

I was recently asked -- and the pressure was super high -- what my parenting style was. I was reluctant to confess which two sources I relied on the most -- nanny 9-1-1 and a strange article I read about the joys of lazy parenting.

But here's the answer: I watch the exits.

And so it was on a fine sunny morning when my parenting style was put to the test. Two young boys learning to ride bikes is quite a task, even when both parents are involved. One is shy and timid, the other chomping at the bit.

So we granted Cooper his wish, to go around the block. He was not to cross streets, just follow the sidewalk around the block. But, he had another idea. And pretty soon, we couldn't see him and we panicked.

I stayed with shy and timid and started watching the exits -- as it were. We live on a corner and so I was tasked with watching up and down the streets in three directions while my sweet but slightly nervous husband ran around the block.

Pretty soon, Mr. Coop came walking back, pushing his bike, and full of gloom. The chain on his bike had come undone, or whatever it is chains do. He hadn't made it around the block, and pushing the bike he had made much slower progress home.

But the question remains... would it have been better to follow him around the block? Know his every move? Or was watching the exits enough?


laurel said...

Great post. YOu did a good job I am sure.

Glenda said...

But...take credit that you have raised a resourceful, problem solving child....he pushed his bike home...he didn't sit down on the sidewalk and start screaming, nor did he run home and leave his bike there...he did the rational, sensible grown-up thing...GOOD BOY!

Angenette said...

I'm more of a watch-every-move sort of parent. Not because I don't want them to fall and learn to get up by themselves, it's that I don't want the creepy guy who probably lives a block away to see my sweet angels alone and take them away from me forever.

laurel said...

No, she didn't mean I was his daughter. She said do you want to wait for your husband or be seated now. Pretty clear. Guess I am just getting up there.