Saturday, March 5, 2011

Eyes Wide Shut

If ever you think you're having too much fun, follow my son's advice and close your eyes.

You may think this will shut out all you are enjoying, but you would be wrong. As he explained to me, he closes his eyes not because he is afraid but because he wants to feel more afraid. He also said that when his eyes are closed he can feel his "tummy scream."
Wisdom like this only comes from daring 6-year-olds who still remember that a screaming tummy is worth the effort of a little trial and error, and even some ridicule. I'm just trying to decide which of my chores requires throwing my head back, clenching my eyes tightly shut, and laughing while my tummy screams. Think I'll try it during laundry, first.
Speaking of screaming tummies. Mine is mad at me. The rebellion of the belly button started about six years ago when pictured child was safely swinging from the rafters of my womb. And now, abdominal wall is furious and has attempted to replace any of my constraints by a set of its own.


Connie said...

Just keep posting! I love to read about your sweet kids! It will keep me entertained while we are in the Philippines. . . Andrea just doesn't keep her blog up like she needs to! :)

laurel said...

He is getting to be so grown up! He looks so big. I close my eyes on a rollercoaster because I am afraid. I guess I better keep them open now that I have learned it makes the screaming tummy worse.