Friday, October 14, 2011

I Run My Life

I can't remember if it was a phone call or an e-mail from my brother Devin. But at some point last year I agreed to be in a Ragnar Relay with him. And there have been times during my training that I've wondered what I was doing. But I've had a great partner in crime encouraging me and here I am just a week out and I am ready. For real.

Here's what I have learned while running.

Running suits me. I can run for a long time. I can run by myself. I don't mind running every day.

I run my life. If I'm not on a trail running as fast as I can, I'm trying to fit as much into my day as I can. My husband says this is my life running me. That is fine. But it's just how I do things. So if I weren't running 45 miles a week I'd be doing something that rushes me around.

I have a high tolerance for pain. And a low tolerance for nausea.

I don't like running in the dark. Or the rain. Or snow. Loathe snow.

I think about a lot of weird stuff when I'm running. For instance when I'm getting really tired I almost always think about Kenyans who just wake up one day and think, "I'm going to invite my brother and his wife to dinner. I better go ask him." Then the little Kenyan runs 30 miles to the next village and invites said brother to dinner and turns around to run home. Yes, I'm that weird.

I believe in possibility, not reality. I know our team can't win the Ragnar. But I'm going to win. What I will win is yet to be determined, but I'm ready to accept it.

I cannot run faster than my 5-year-old after running 16 miles. He loved winning -- so maybe that means he'll follow in my track shoes.

PS -- If you live in or near Las Vegas and you would like to cheer us on... that would be incredible.


Claudia said...

Oh my gosh, you two are so cute. Can't wait to see you! And well done on the training. You are my hero. Seriously. I don't know if that counts for winning anything, but I think you are fantastic.

laurel said...

Good luck you guys!

Glenda said...

When I first saw you extend those long, beautiful, slender legs and literally glide across the grass as a 5 or 6 year old, I knew you could RUN....I, too have taken on the challenge, but it has been really, really hard, and I only run a fraction of the miles you run a week. You have rediscovered and expanded on a have already won.

Angenette said...

I was just coming to your fb page to wish you luck with ragnar when I saw this post.
You're amazing. Having trained as hard as you have is a win already.
I am so proud of you!