Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Funny Story About My Brother

Please notice this potentially awesome portrait of my husband and me at the beach.

I say potentially because we are cute and we're in a fun place enjoying our family vacation. It's a rare moment of the two of us in front of the camera. But my brother has to go and ruin it by coming up behind us and showboatin' around.

Funny thing is, he is known for this. In our wedding portraits there is a picture of the entire family surrounding my husband and me in all our marital bliss. It's potentially a great photo. Everyone is looking at the camera. Everyone has their eyes open. Everyone has a smile on their face -- except the bride. I am visibly surprised and have the startled look of a woman who has just had her ass grabbed. Guess who grabbed my ass.

I love that brother.


Jill said...

I for one would like to see said picture.

My brother Matt is also notorious for the same offense. Maybe it's the age....

Rachel said...

You can always count on him to lighten any mood, drop the inappropriate joke or do the funny gestures. I absolutely love that about him.

laurel said...

That sounds like Dev!