Friday, August 6, 2010

If I Ignore Her

I finally met Finley. Finley is my youngest niece -- I have nine. She is THE most daring. I love her to pieces. (Also she has pierced ears which I think is so dang cute on a baby with a naked noggin. So dang cute.)

Mason, I fear, has another opinion. There could be a few things at play:

1. He was insanely jealous to see his mama going gaga over baby Fin.

2. He thinks girls have cooties.

3. He is a damnable stick in the mud and it wasn't really Finley so much as life at the moment.

Enjoy these photos of his response to sitting in her stroller with her. He basically ignored her, while she -- sweet thing as she is -- inspected his tattoo. When pretending she wasn't there didn't work, he forced himself to fall asleep.


Kyrsten said...

Bald babies are the cutest. Izzy was bald until she was 2.

Glenda said...

Hilarious! Why is it that most men act like they hate we are some sort of foreign substance! Cutest pics. I love that my babies got acquainted.

laurel said...

Hee he he. Mason really makes me laugh. I have never met Finley. I can't wait too. I have heard so much about her. I think it is great how Mason reacts to her. Someday they will be best of friends.

Claudia said...

Oh my gosh - that face! He looks an-gry! I suppose he wouldn't be too thrilled about spending any time with Claire either?