Sunday, August 8, 2010

An Interview with a Vacationer

What did you think about the ocean?
It was good. It tasted like salt on sand. The waves were pretty kinda different colors. The sand feeled like kinda soft and crunchy and smooth.

What was your favorite thing about California?
I don't know. LEGOland.

What was your favorite thing about LEGOland?
It was when we bought new LEGOs. How about the LEGO sign? I liked that.

What happened to you at Sea World?
Oh there was a favorite thing. It was the dolphin show. Also, the... thing... what... um... those guys were at. Those funny guys and those girls with painted suits and those monkey guys (Cirque Del Mar). They dived into the water. And those silly guys who were pushing that guy in the ball down.

What did you think about our hotel?
Oh that was go-od. Because it had... um... we could sleep with each other in the same room. And me and Mason could have sleep overs. And that's all.

What was the funniest thing your brother did when we were on vacation?
Oh... um... it was when he was just... when we were at the pool... and then he jumped in all by his-self. It was kinda funny when he bringed his Indiana Jones in the crabby patty car. And he was just wearing clothes to the swimming pool. That was funny.

Where would you like to go on your next vacation?
I wanna go... to... the... at... wait, where have we been? California, is that where we've already been? (Yes.) I want to go to the desert!


grandma GiGI said...

The best thing that happens to me in a day is to read the family blog and see the darling pic's of our great-grandchildren. They are so cute, smart, and wonderful! Thnaks for sharing!

Claudia said...

I'm sure you understood every word of what he was describing!

BTW, has anyone told you lately that you are a fabulous dresser? If they haven't, well, I'm telling you now. If they have, I guess you just get to hear it again.