Thursday, August 5, 2010

May You Wander

Dear Travel Buddies,
This year your father and I gave you the gift of a family vacation. We didn't do it because you will remember how you felt when you first saw an 8'-tall Indiana Jones built from LEGOs. We did it so that you will build memories of loving to be with each other and with us. Our short excursion this year will be just the first of many because we value the education of expedition above many, many, many things.

I myself am not really a globe-trotter. But I have always dreamed of passage to places that have witnessed the milestones of mankind. I love history and hope to sightsee my way through most of the world by the time I take that final trek. Your father, on the other hand, has traveled A LOT of places. But not from wanderlust so much as necessity. As he made his own way in business he traversed the globe without vacationing in it and now I know he'd like to visit some of those same places again. This time just to knock around and have fun.

We hope you will join us. We hope we can accommodate your wildest requests. Because when we stood by you at the water's edge this week and looked out at the horizon I hope it instilled in you a wonder for what is out there... what you can find... where you may live... where you may love... where you may take your own familiy some day.

Wether you take a boat, take a plane, or take a caravan -- promise to take many more trips with me.
Your mama


Claudia said...

Did the boys just have an awesome time? Hope to see more pictures!

Adamo said...

"To the sick the doctors wisely recommend a change of air and scenery. Thank Heaven, here is not all the world." -From "Walden" in the chapter explaining why he left.

Sorry, I got all excited about Thoreau again after visiting Boston.

laurel said...

I can only imagine the THRILL the boys had at Legoland! Wow!

Glenda said...

Beautiful...promises and dreams and hopes for your wee ones.