Wednesday, February 1, 2012

On the Rebound

We're trying something new this season. Cooper decided after getting his yellow belt, that he wanted to take a short hiatus from karate. Much like breaking up with someone only to quickly jump into another relationship -- referred to as the rebound -- Cooper has fled one commitment and jumped right into the arms of another.

Ironically enough, his strength is rebounds.

Over-commitment is something I worry about. I have two ends of the spectrum to work with. One child I force to partake in activities. The other I have to limit activities. Coop's the one I have to limit. On any given day he will go to school, an extra-curricular activity, ask for a play date, and still end the night saying he's bored.

That being said, at one point right before Christmas he dejectedly pondered, "I'm just so busy." This is a phrase that should be reserved for grown ups.

In fact, I am busy. It's the reason I don't get to sew the things I really want to sew. The reason I don't make cookies every weekend. The reason I rarely see my adult friends. The reason I have to "schedule" time with my husband. I even have a calendar event for cleaning out the microwave.

But my 7-year-old should not.

My 7-year-old should have time to watch Tom & Jerry, ride scooters with the kids on the street, and decorate cookies with his mom. And so to steal a phrase he loves -- This mama is determined To Protect This House. My renewed mission is to distill his interests through the lens of priorities around here. Priority no. 1? Be a kid. What are your priorities?

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Glenda said...

All true...very true...stand by your guns.