Monday, February 27, 2012

Son of a Shutterbabe

It kills me to look at this picture.

First reaction: Oh my gosh I'm getting really old.

Other reaction: Mason is a pretty good photog.

It's the latter that brings me joy. Mason has always had an interest in my camera. He uses my Canon, when I permit him. He uses my cell phone camera, when I permit him. We gave him a little digital camera of his own, which he carries around everywhere. The guy's got an eye. It's got me thinking, again, about the things we're destined to do.

Clearly he has a lot to learn about lighting (all the settings were manual, which is a lot for a 35-yol to manage, let alone a 5-yol). Provided I can endure the pain of being his subject, he might really make something of this.

Incidentally, his little friend -- the son of a realtor -- came to our house recently and said, "This is a nice kitchen." I've never had a 5-year-old tell me I have a nice kitchen. Then again, he's the first son of a realtor to visit.
What were you meant to do?


Glenda said...

I love your come you wear such fantastic clothes! Nice picture, Mason. Maybe someday you will be as creative and artistic as your mom with a camera.

Adamo said...

He shows some genuine talent.

Angenette said...

Wait. Who's 35?

Angenette said...

I'm good. And I'm 36. :)