Thursday, January 13, 2011

Cooper Karateka

A hiatus from photobooth Friday is in order (will return 1/20, I think).

The Coop has taken up a new interest -- Karate-do. I have a sneaking suspicion it had something to do with a very cool, older boy who lives up the street and is occasionally a helper in Cooper's classroom. But it seemed a healthy interest, so I caved. After all, there is a highly respected Shihan at our local recreational center of all places and half the kids on our street are enrolled there.

Already it is wildly popular and an improved success compared to other sports we have tried. So, I am pleased. It seems the old man is pleased, as well. And most importantly Cooper is pleased. There you have it. New pursuits.

But it's got me wondering. What makes a particular sport resonate with an individual? Why are some of us compelled to run, others to swim, and still others to bowl? As I've aged I have learned one thing for sure, some things you are meant to do. While I was never a highly disciplined runner as a youngster, it has stayed with me and I can still run an easy 7 minute mile pace for at least four miles. I'm not bragging, I'm just saying some of us are made to do certain things. The trick is finding out what you're suited to do.

And here's the question that really has me thinking. Is it body types or brains that keeps us in our endeavors? It seems most of the people in this house excel at sports that do not involve others, a.k.a. teams. Golf, running, cycling, swimming, racquetball. On the other hand I failed at soccer as a child, was never a star on ANY court. And I can't really speak for my husband, however, to my knowledge he didn't belong to a single team. But hand him a golf club, an ample ante and he'll win. He just will.

Before I forget, let me jar this line of thinking with another enigma... are these traits inherited or nurtured? I believe the seal on our informal family survey will be when Mason makes his declaration. As the youngest he has served as a great spectator, but is approaching the age where activity is calling to him. Will he pick football (not if I'm paying for the registration) or ...

Stay tuned, time will tell.

PS -- I am considering one of 2 half marathons and I'd like to hear from some of my runner friends. Have you heard of either of these? And which one should I do?

1) Tacoma Narrows Half


2) You Go Girl! Half Marathon & 10K


Katlyn said...

7 minute miles?! I'm jealous. I'm one of those not made for running (i have to force my body to do even a jog) people. I think I'm more of a "must involve flexibility" ppl. I totally wish I could mentally force my body to do other activities....

Glenda said...

I love Cooper as "Ninja." Very spiffy Karate Jammies (what are they called anyway?)

Angenette said...

I did karate as a wee tyke. Loved it. I still love the idea.
Also, running blows. I run because I'm a soccer player, and I need wind to play.
One more thing, take it easy on your poor friend you'll be running that half with. You may or may not be able to run circles around her.

jessieg said...

Ugh. Running. Once I get over the runner's hump, I'm golden, but that takes, hmm, two months I'd say to get there. Now yoga. Yoga I was meant to do. Despite my height, I'm actually pretty good at basketball.

And I think you and Kate are responsible for getting Chance on the half marathon idea too, huh? Great...just another thing that crazy girl needs to add to her crazy long to do list. I'm sure I'll get lots of phone calls.