Sunday, March 22, 2009

Soccer Is...

Orange slices
juice boxes
cold noses and boogers
sunshine and wind
squatting on sidelines
going the wrong direction
parents cheering
confused children
oreo cookies
peeing on the fence
patient brothers
cute cleats


laurel said...

He is so cute. I love watching kids that age play sports. It is always good for a laugh.

Glenda said...

Ameoba what we used to call it...
Hey, you forgot to mention that they love to just lie on the ground and watch the clouds, braid each other's hair and try on each other's jewelry (girls only)and ask the coach when they are going to get their trophies.

Claudia said...

Is it already time for soccer to start up again? Do you think Mason will be interested in getting in on the action when he's Coop's age?

P.S. The boys' haircuts look cute!

The Martell Family said...

Jack can't wait to play soccer with Cooper upon our return! XO, Lorie